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Project Progress

Finals Slides

Deployed Link: http://ecoleaders.sg/

Project Highlights

Our project schedule is divided into 9 iterations

  • Till date, we have completed about 78% of our development progress.
  • One Soft Launch with Beta Version on 2 February 2016 with Students from Balestier Hill Secondary (before midterms)
  • 4 User Tests with actual users
  • 1 User Acceptance Test
  • All iterations completed!

Development Progress

Status: 100%

  • All iterations has been completed!

Project Management

Project Scope

Planned Now

Scope Image5 6 11 2015.png

Scope Finall.png

Major Scope changes

  • Replaced Calendar Module with Event Module due to a change in requirements by the sponsor.
  • Shifting of User Actions Module to Core Functions and integrated it with Eco Actions Module.
  • Removal of Search Module due to redundancy.
  • Removal of User Content Regulation Module due to redundancy.
  • Replaced Notification Module with “As An Individual” under Eco Actions Module.
  • Adding filters for viewing of events (Event Module)
  • Replaced Gamification Module with Community Module

Project Schedule

Planned Now

Milestone Acceptance.png

Final Schedule Timeline.png

Schedule Highlights

  • Postponement of Soft Launch to early February 2016.
  • Removal of one User Test due to change with Sponsor.
  • Shortening of iteration from 11 to just 9 due to rescheduling.
  • Addition of Eco Action Module in Iteration 7 (Change Management)
  • Addition of Event Module in Iteration 9 (Feedback from User Test)


Schedule Metrics

Schedule metrics final.png
Schedule Metrics Score Final.png

Bug Metrics

Bug 22 2 16.png
  • Numbers above are the total bug scores
Iteration Bug Score Summary of bugs Action Taken
1 10
2 High
Facebook login not working. Instagram posts with the right hashtags were not being grabbed. Stop current development and resolve the bug immediately. Project Manager reschedules the project.
2 21
4 High
Eco Actions submitted were not being stored in the database. Not all past Eco Actions were able to be displayed in the history. No deduction of points after Redeeming Reward. Stop current development and resolve the bug immediately. Project Manager reschedules the project.
3 28
3 High 1 Critical
Edit button for Events and News were not working. Events added by Admin were not being added into the database. Stop current development and resolve the bug immediately. Project Manager reschedules the project.
4 42
2 High 3 Critical
While improving on the UI after the functionalities have been completed, the entire web application stopped working and all pages gave us a PHP error. View Eco Actions only displayed a maximum of one action. User's reward claims not being processed in the database. Stop current development and resolve the bug immediately. Project Manager reschedules the project.

Project Risks

Quality of Product


Stage Specification Modules
Project Requirements Purpose and Motivation Purpose and Motivation
Project Management Minutes Meeting Minutes
Project Management Metrics, Risks, Change

Schedule Metrics
Bug Metrics
Risk Metrics
Change Management

Analysis and Design DB Diagram, Architectural Diagram, To-Be Processes DB Diagram, Architectural Diagram, To-Be Processes
Testing User Test Plan

Soft Launch (Beta)
User Testing 1
User Testing 2
User Testing 3
User Testing 4
User Acceptance Test

Deployed Link

Deployed Link: www.ecoleaders.sg


We have done 4 User Tests, a Soft Launch with a Beta Version and a User Acceptance Test.

User Test 1

  • Date: 6 January 2016
  • Venue: Peninsula Plaza, #27-01
  • Participants: Wilson Ang (Sponsor)

View our UT1 documentation here!

User Test 2

  • Date: 26 January 2016
  • venue: Peninsula Plaza, #27-01
  • Participant: 10 Eco Singapore volunteers

View our UT2 documentation here!

User Test 3

  • Date: 19 March 2016
  • venue: National Library, Informatics Lab
  • Participants:

View our UT3 documentation here!

User Test 4

  • Date: 4 March 2016
  • venue: SMU GSR
  • Participants: 10 friends (aged 17-35)

View our UT4 documentation here!

User Acceptance Test

  • Date: 14 March 2016
  • venue: Keppel Tower 1 #22-01
  • Participants: Wilson Ang

View our UAT documentation here!

Soft Launch (Beta Version)

  • Date: 2 February 2016
  • Venue: Balestier Hill Secondary School
  • Participant: 19 Green Club Members

View our Soft Launch documentation here!