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Iteration Requested On Change Description Reason of Change Change Feasibility Priority Level Accepted/Rejected Status
5 15 February 2016 Admin should be able to edit the amount before he/she approves an Eco Action Admin will be able to make changes and approve it without having to reject it and have the user submit the action again. •Admin will be given the option to edit the amount before approving.

• Create an additional "Edit" button and ensure change is stored in database. •Adjustments made to project scope and schedule

3 Accepted Completed
5 15 February 2016 Additional option for Admin to leave remarks when rejecting Eco Action. Users should be given remarks so as to understand why his/her Eco Action has been rejected. •When Admin clicks on Reject, he/she will be prompted to leave a remark.

• Adjustments in database to store this additional field •Adjustments made to project scope and schedule

3 Accepted Completed
4 30 January 2016 Addition of 3 more buttons in My Account page The Pledge function should be a button on it's own, and the addition of one button would require two more buttons to be added for "No of Pledges Taken" and another button. •"My Account" display has to be changed

•Statistics has to include an additional button •Adjustments made to project scope and schedule

3 Accepted Completed
4 30 January 2016 Change of Icons Sponsor has decided to stick with White Icons to make it more consistent •Additional research has to be done to look for royalty-free icons.

•Icons on Admin and My Account page will have to be changed.

2 Accepted Completed
5 9 March 2016 Change of "Outreach Completed" to "Activities Involved" Sponsor and the team has discussed and decided to change "Outreach Completed" to "Activities Involved" as this would allow users of the app to keep track of the number of activities they have submitted. •We will need to rename it to "Activities Involved".

•We will need to find a way to count the number of activities submitted by each user.

2 Accepted Completed
6 9 March 2016 Adding "As An Individual" functionality under Eco Action Module We received feedback from Mid Terms that some of the actions may not be relatable, so by introducing this new option, Users should be able to submit actions that are more applicable and relevant to them •We will need to add an additional option

•We will need to make edits on User and Admin side. •We will need to make changes to the schedule (replace Notification Module).

3 Accepted Completed
7 20 March 2016 Additional Buttons to be used for "Community" and "Resources" After discussing with the Sponsor, we have decided to use the 2 additional buttons for "Community" and "Resources". •We will need to add two new pages

•We will need to add in additional information.

2 Accepted Completed