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# Risk Type Risk Event Likelihood Impact Category Mitigation
1 Technical Risk Overall, the team is not familiar with the technologies/resources used for developing the project (i.e. PHP.) High High A We will conduct peer teaching and sharing to help each other.
2 Project Management Risk Team’s lack of experience might cause delays in the iterations due to underestimate or overestimate of a programming task. Medium High A Regular meetings to update on progress. If necessary, we will re-plan task(s) for the next iteration.
3 Client Management Client is unable to give us the relevant data for us, causing a delay in our project schedule. Medium Medium B We will try to make do with sample data first, so that as soon as we get the relevant data from our client, we can integrate into our system straightaway.
4 Client Management Risk Client has not fully decided upon the range of functions in her application as she is new to a e-commerce web application; may eventually lead to big scope changes. Medium Medium B Regular meet up with our client to update her on our current progress and ask for incremental feedbacks.
5 Client Management Risk Client has not host an e-commerce or a website before and is not IT savy, she may experience some difficulty with using our system. Medium Medium B We try to maintain simplicity in our design but we might compile a user guide for her future reference.
6 Resource Risk Unforeseeable problems with technology that could cause loss of data. Low High B Make sure that files are always updated in the dropbox, such that the loss of a local hard drive will not affect the project greatly.
7 Human Risk Team members become unavailable due to sickness or other unavoidable circumstances, as we have only 4 members. Low Medium C If time permits and it is a small task, shift the subtask to another iteration. Else, code sharing session and another coder will take over.