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Project Progress Summary

Final Slides: [ Download Here]

MaiMai is deployed for production at
MaiMai is deployed for testing purpose at
Learn more about us at http://www.maitwo.com

Current Iteration:
Total Iterations: 16
Iteration Dates (Current):
Iteration Dates (Final):

Project Highlights

Project Challenges

Project Achievements

Project Management

Project Scope

Stark Scope midterm wiki.png

Scope Changes The following changes has been made to our project scope and reflected in our schedule.

Project Timeline

Stark schedule after.png

Schedule Highlights The following changes has been made to our project scope and reflected in our schedule.

Refer to our Change Management for more!

Project Metrics

Schedule Metrics


Iteration Planned Duration (Days) Actual Duration (Days) Schedule Metric Score Action Taken Status
8 14 16 0.88 More time needed to fix bugs from UT1 and after the integration of Dispute Management.

Follow up action: Informed supervisor and mentor about the delay. More hours put in for debugging. No major delay to overall schedule.


View our Schedule Metrics Here!

Bug Metrics


Iteration Bug Score Bug Summary Action Taken
6 43

3 low
8 high
0 critical

The spike in bug count is due to the integration of dispute management system together with previous completed features. Resolve bugs immediately. No major delay was caused.
8 179

44 low
21 high
3 critical

The spike in bug count is because of the integration of many new features together for UT1. Resolve bugs immediately. Iteration 8 was scheduled for post UT1 debugging. PM scheduled the Lead Backend developer to focus on debugging while the rest of the developers focus on development.
9 42

7 low
3 high
2 critical

The first critical bug was system crashed when a dispute for review is filed. The second critical bug was images is not updated when listing image name is being edited. Resolve bugs immediately. No major delay was caused. Critical bug did not occur again. Similar action was performed but bug did not replicate.

Viewed our Bug Metrics Here!

Project Risks

Risk Description Likelihood Impact Mitigation Strategy
Mismatch of product against market. High High
Developed product may not be what our target users or anyone in the market wants.
1. Gather more feedbacks during testing to validate market needs against project idea.

2. Transact with more real user and conduct interview with them to understand the problems and needs of the market.

Quick rise of direct competition Low Low
Existing application like Caurosell can easily implement payment services that we are providing.
We provide user with dispute management service which is something that is unique to us and we are investing our resources into defining a stringent and reliable process of micro management. As such we have the upper hand because that is our prime feature. However, it still remain as a risk.

Technical Complexity

Quality of Product

Intermediate Deliverables

Stage Specification Modules
Project Requirements Market Research Market Research
Project Management Minutes Minutes
Metrics Schedule Metrics
Bug Metrics
Risk Risks
Change Management Change Management
Diagrams Use Diagrams
Architecture Diagram
Design Low-Fi Prototype
High-Fi Prototype
UI Prototype
Testing User Testing 1 User Test 1
User Test 2
User Test 3


User Testing

User Testing Date Venue Users Link
User Testing 1 1st August 2016 - 8th August 2016 Off-Site (At respective members' discretion) 22 User Testing 1
User Testing 2 12th September 2016 - 26th September 2016 SIS GSR 2-7 & Off-Site (At respective members' discretion) 38 User Testing 2
User Testing 3 User Testing 3


Team Reflection

Individual Reflection

Name Reflections
Stark Ivy.png

Lee Chian Yee

Stark Hem.png

Raji Hemanth Kumar

Stark Qx.png

Lee Qixian

STARK Josh.png

Phua Xue Yong

Stark Qp.png

Lin Qianpin

Stark Darren.png

Darren Tay Kuang Yong