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INSIGHT Timeline

User Testing Plan

Date: 1 Aug 2016
Venue: Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, Level 43
Users: 2 users, DBS VGP users
Duration: 3PM - 4PM, ~ 30 minutes / user
Scope: Account module, company management module, file upload module

User Testing Goals

  • Determine if functionalities are working as expected
  • Identify usability issues users face
  • Gather feedback for improvement
  • Study Results

    Key Findings & Changes Implemented

    Function Feedback Implemented? Changes Implemented
    Account Module Participants have to select user role when creating a new user. Yes Set the default role to user.
    Company Management Module Participants had difficulties viewing what is typed before in the description input when the description is long. Yes Make free text field of description input scrollable.
    Company Management Module Participants would like standardization of meeting purpose input. Rather than a free text where everybody can type anything they want. Yes Create a dropdown for meeting purpose with commonly used purpose provided by users.

    Change Management

    Besides feedback that we received on our existing features, we also received some feedback to enhance certain features and additional features.

    Refer to Change Management for more details about the features enhancement and additional features requested.