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Project Description

The current process of debt financing is completely reliant on email correspondence between VGP and potential business prospects. Hence, long man-hours are dedicated regularly to organize and backup information onto a shared network drive. Additionally, in the absence of customized reporting tools, VGP needs to manually sieve out essential information and compile them for periodic reviews with relevant stakeholders. Most importantly, missing out on critical datelines such as covenant review may result in delayed funding determinative of the survival of some businesses.

PolyVision will design and implement INSIGHT – a mobile responsive web-based customer relationship management tool to organize and manage the growing clientele of VGP namely Venture Capital firms and prospective businesses. INSIGHT allows potential business prospects to submit their investment documents in a consistent format for VGP to track and review anytime anywhere. These information and documents will be catalogued according the respective company that VGP has relationship with on a centralized cloud-based data storage for easy access, improving the collaborative experience within VGP internally. Most importantly, INSIGHT will automatically notify VGP in the event of an impending covenant review. Additionally, a macro and micro report of existing investment(s) can be generated to facilitate meetings.