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Project Progress Summary

Deployed URL: https://vgpinsight.com
Midterm Deck: Coming Soon...

Project Highlights

  1. INSIGHT has been deployed and ready for clients to use since 20th September 2016
  2. Concluded UAT with 35 SMU students on 16th September 2016
  3. Tested & verified INSIGHT functionalities with sponsors on 14th September 2016
  4. Picked up interactive visualization tool - D3.js
  5. Constantly aligning INSIGHT development according to business needs (translating feedback into actions)

Project Management

Project Status

Project Schedule

Plan Actual
INSIGHT Original Scope
INSIGHT Latest Scope
INSIGHT Original Timeline
INSIGHT Latest Timeline

Project Metrics


Project Risks


Technical Complexity


Quality of Product

Intermediate Deliverables

Stage Specifications Work Products
Project Management Schedule Management A customized spreadsheet is maintained by the PM that is revised at the beginning of each Iteration ensuring that tasks are being completed.
Risk Management
Change Management Change requests are raised after every meeting with the sponsor at the end of each Iteration. These requests are maintained within a spreadsheet then evaluated as a team on the priority, complexity before being included in the schedule by the PM.
Meeting Minutes All meetings with the sponsor, supervisor, and team are being documented at:
Risk Management
Design Diagrams Use Case
Class Diagram
System Sequence Diagram
AS-IS Business Process Diagram
TO-BE Business Process Diagram
Testing User (Students) Acceptance Test Case


INSIGHT application can be found at this URL: https://vgpinsight.com

Note: Please ensure that you are using the latest version of Google Chrome browser with Javascript enabled to enjoy the full INSIGHT experience.





Collectively, Team PolyVision have a better understanding of their individual capabilities and limitations. The team has managed to pick up ASP .NET Razor markup language as a result of having every member responsible and accountable for a portion of INSIGHT application to foster greater ownership. And when the occasion arise that business needs are not fully aligned with the initial set of requirements, effective communication is paramount to align every stakeholder involved.

Fusen Li

As the Backend Developer of PolyVision,

Joleen Lee

As the Frontend Developer of PolyVision,

Jonathan Lee

As the Project Manager of PolyVision, I learn that it is important to grasp the optimum working preference and environment for the team to be productive. Most importantly, it is to enforce the above to ensure that the team can work more efficiently together.

Kong Song Wei

As the Database Architect of PolyVision,

Ong Wee Tiong

As the Backend Developer of PolyVision,