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Project Progress Summary

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Project Highlights

  • Implementation of Facebook Login, due to unfamiliarity, we took 2 weeks to learn and implement this function in Iteration 3
  • Integration with QR code implemented by sponsors so that labels can be pre-populated once code is scanned in Iteration 5
  • Conducted our first UAT with our sponsors and packers in Iteration 6 to test our process order and customer management module and worked on Performance and Design Improvements in Iteration 6
  • Decision made in Iteration 7 to shift several tasks for subsequent iterations due to greater focus on smart marketing and dashboard graph modules as requested by sponsor. Dropped Facebook bot and recommendation engine (planned for iteration 12) so that we could spend more time on these two modules.
  • Conducted our second UAT with our sponsors and their business development in-charge in Iteration 9 to provide feedback mainly on our smart marketing module
  • Integration of Intercom together with our system in Iteration 10

Project Management

Project Status

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Access the detailed progress of functionalities here: IPMAN Functionalities Progress List

Project Schedule (Plan vs. Actual)

Several changes were made to the project schedule due to greater emphasis on Smart Marketing module and Dashboard Graph module as requested by sponsors. Hence, IPMAN has dropped several tasks that were scheduled in subsequent sprints to focus on these changes (as reflected in the actual schedule). Progress of the team is well-paced and optimistic.

Planned Project Schedule

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Actual Project Schedule

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Project Metrics

Project Risks

From the period of Acceptance till Mid-Terms, we will like to highlight that our top 2 concerns were 1) Technical Risk and 2) Stakeholder Management Risk as described below:

Risk Type Risk Event Likelihood Impact Level Category Strategy Adopted Actions
Technical Risk Team was unable to deploy as soon as all the bugs were resolved. Whenever sponsors report for bug issues, team immediately resolves the bugs. However, team was unable to deploy the application with the fixed bugs as team was still building on the features in the current sprint and would only deploy the application at the end of the sprint when all features were completed. High High A Mitigate Team came out with another branch for deployment which means there are now 2 branches, one of it is the deployment branch and another branch is to work on the existing features. Therefore, whenever sponsor raises any bug, team would be able to resolve the bugs and deploy immediately without waiting for the features to be completed at the end of the sprint.
Stakeholder Management Risk Team had to manage not only sponsors but also the developer team that the sponsors engaged. For instance, the freelancer developers had built Intercom to track the customers’ interaction on the application without us knowing. This feature implemented affected the Smart Marketing features that we built. High High A Mitigate Team communicated with sponsors and found out more the implementation of Intercom. Team also constantly met up with sponsor and checked with him about the progress of Intercom. Team came out with a communication protocol between the sponsors, developer team and team. Team is using Trello and Telegram for communications and updates.

Technical Complexity

Quality of Product

Intermediate Deliverables

Topic of Interest Link
Project Management Project Schedule
User Stories
Risk Management
Change Management
Project Overview Project Overview
Team's Motivation
Project Scope
Project Documentation Personas & Scenarios
Technologies Implemented
Low & Mid Fidelity Prototypes
Testing Testing Documentation




Team Reflection

This journey has proven to be an enriching learning process for Team IPMAN. We have learnt immensely from one another's strengths and weaknesses and were able to proficiently complement our different working styles. We have also learnt that communication, compromise and active participation is key to ensure a collaborative learning environment. In addition, together with our generous sponsors who have provided the flexibility and autonomy to work with real data, we have enjoyed working on this project.

Individual Reflections

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