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|  [[Image: IPMAN BurndownChart Sprint6.png |thumb|120px|center|Sprint 6]]
|  [[Image: IPMAN BurndownChart Sprint6.png |thumb|120px|center|Sprint 6]]
|  [[Image: IPMAN BurndownChart Sprint7.png |thumb|120px|center|Sprint 7]]
|  [[Image: IPMAN BurndownChart Sprint7.png |thumb|120px|center|Sprint 7]]
|  [[Image: IPMAN BurndownChart Sprint8.png |thumb|120px|center|Sprint 8]]
|  [[Image: IPMAN BurndownChart Sprint8.png |thumb|120px|center|Sprint 8]]
|  [[Image: IPMAN BurndownChart Sprint9.png |thumb|120px|center|Sprint 9]]
|  [[Image: IPMAN BurndownChart Sprint9.png |thumb|120px|center|Sprint 9]]
|  [[Image: IPMAN Burndownchart Sprint10.png |thumb|120px|center|Sprint 10]]
|  [[Image: IPMAN Burndownchart Sprint10.png |thumb|120px|center|Sprint 10]]

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Sprint Velocity

Sprint velocity is a measurement of the amount of work Team IPMAN has completed during each sprint and it a key metric. Velocity is calculated at the end of each sprint by summing the total points of completed user stories. Only stories that are completed at the end of the iteration are counted. Sprint Velocity shows the rate of progress of Team IPMAN.

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Scrum Burndown Chart

The Scrum Burndown Chart is a visual measurement tool to display the amount of work completed each day against the ideal projected rate of completion for the current sprint. The purpose of this chart is to enable Team IPMAN to deliver the product within the desired schedule.

IPMAN BurndownChart Sprint14.png

Sprint 3
Sprint 4
Sprint 5
Sprint 6
Sprint 7
Sprint 8
Sprint 9
Sprint 10
Sprint 11
Sprint 12
Sprint 13

Bug Metrics

IPMAN BugMetric Chart.png

Impact Score

Severity Description
Low Impact (Score: 1) Inconsequential. Simple typo error or minor user interface misalignment.
High Impact (Score: 5) Non-critical functionalities are not working, but still system runs.
Critical Impact (Score: 10) The system or core functionality is down.

Mitigation Plan

Total Score = # Bugs (Low) x 1 + # Bugs (High) x 5 + # Bugs (Critical) x 10

Bug Score Action
Score <= 10 Fix during buffer time.
10 < Score <= 20 Fix during planned debugging time in current iteration.
Score > 20 Halt current development and fix the bug(s) immediately. Reschedules if necessary.

Mean Time to Recover (MTTR)

Mean Time to Restore Service (MTRS) is a metric adopted from Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) which refers to the average time taken to restore a IT service after each failure. Team IPMAN modified this metric to form the Mean Time to Recover (MTTR) metric to calculate the time taken the team takes to resolve issues and changes suggested by sponsors and supervisor. The calculation is based on the total average amount of time Team IPMAN takes to analyse the issue and to brainstorm and implement the necessary changes.

This additional MTTR metric was only implemented after acceptance from Sprint 8 onwards. It would be an indicator to show the team’s stress and productivity level. If the time takes a longer time for a particular task, it means that the team’s morale may not be too good. On the other side, if the time taken is shorter, it shows that everyone is on a good track and indicates that unforeseen circumstances have been managed and mitigated successfully by the team.


Indicator for hours used in MTTR

Average hours taken to analyse and implement the changes Description
Exceed 5 hours Team IPMAN will priortise the changes requested by sponsors & supervisor. Team IPMAN will discuss with sponsors & supervisors and manage the expectations.
5 hours and below Team IPMAN is on good track and the team’s morale is good.

Below is the detailed MTTR Log:

IPMAN MTTR Metric Log.png

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