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About Us
Project Overview
Project Management

Midterm Final

Project Progress Summary

Midterm slides: File:GeneSIS Midterm Presentation.pdf
Deployed Site (Test): VMIS - test ver.

Deployment Progress

  • Current sprint: Sprint 9
  • Sprint period: 06 October 2016 to 19 October 2016
  • Major milestone: Midterm Presentation
  • Features involved: Site Surveyor, Operations

Project Highlights

  • Highlight 1: Added Site Surveyor module and Operations Module
  • Highlight 2: Implemented account-specific controls
  • Highlight 3: Implemented UX changes based on feedback from UAT 2
  • Highlight 4: Change in business process - all Supervisors can assign jobs to Movers

Project Management

Project Status

Team GeneSIS is confident in delivering the project to our sponsor.

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Planned vs Actual Scope

Planned Actual
Genesis scope.png

Genesis midterm scope.png

Major Changes Made

Sprint Module Action Category Feature Description Value to Client
7 Administrator Module Added Primary
  • Adding values to lead form
  • Removing fields from lead form
This module allows Vimbox Administrator to have the flexibility to modify its Sales lead if there's new changes in services to the company. As the company is looking to expand beyond Singapore, there will be more move options available to customers, resulting in a need to modify the current Sales Lead form. The addition of this module gives the Vimbox administrator the ease and flexibility of adjusting the required fields of the form on his own without the aid of IT.

Click here for more on changes made to scope

Planned vs Actual Project Schedule

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Project Metrics

Team Velocity

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Sprint Burndown

Sprint 6
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Sprint 7
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Sprint 8
Genesis sprint8burndown.png

Risks Management

Risk Type Risk Event Likelihood Impact Mitigation
Adoption Risk Employees are unsure of how to utilize the application High Medium Conduct a session to help employees familiarize with the functionalities
Technology Risk Unfamiliarity with developing mail functionality High High In-depth research into integrating API with web application. Notify sponsor and supervisor if there’s a need to change project scope.
Project Management Risk Client requests for new functionalities to be implemented Medium High Utilize change management scheme to evaluate client request

View our list of potential risks here

Bug Log

Bug Metrics
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Bug Calculation
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Technical Complexity

#1 Easy-to-use Interface

  • Having both Site Surveyor and Moving Schedules on the Sales page for easy access
  • An easy-to-use platform to key in items provided by the customers. Left of the screen to key in the items and right of the screen displaying the item list that has been keyed in.
  • Auto population of database item names as well as their dimensions and units for reference purposes with the use of a data list.
  • Available service are displayed in a readable and clickable table format.
  • Once the desired service is selected, prices will be calculated according to the respective service formulae that has been keyed into the database and the breakdown of the service will be shown accordingly.
  • Calculation of the total price will be done automatically as well with the use of javascript.
  • A clear overview of the item lists, services as well as charges is shown in the “Site Info” tab.
  • Interface of the site survey is made similar to a POS to facilitate the use of a ipad during the survey.
  • Searching for items is possible in this menu as well.
  • Upon selection of item, a simple menu is displayed for the user to easily key in the respective units, quantity or charges required. Once again, the stored dimensions and units will be retrieved and shown as well.
  • Keyed in items will be displayed in a table on the right of the screen for easy reference purposes.

#2 Use of Google Maps

  • After keying in the postal code, we will make a call to the google maps geocoding API to retrieve the latitude and longitude of the postal code. After which we will be making a second to the geocoding API with the coordinates for the full formatted address.
  • However, this returns us a result array, therefore we looped through the array and took only the address with the street, route and postal code components where we will be getting the full formatted address of the postal code provided.

more details in our midterm slides

Architectural Diagram

Genesis archi.png

Quality of Project

Intermediate Deliverables

Stage Specification Modules
Project Management Meeting Minutes Internal, Supervisor & Sponsor Meeting Minutes
Project Schedule Project Schedule
Metrics Project Metrics
Risk Management Risk Management
Requirements Project Scope Project Scope
User Stories User Stories
Analysis Project Description Project Description
Market Research Market Research
Architectural Design Architectural Design
Design Prototypes Mid & High Fidelity Prototypes
Testing User Test Plan & Results User Test Plan & Results


Deployment site: http://vmis-vimgen.rhcloud.com/


User Testing 1

Venue: Vimbox Office @ Tradehub 21
Date: 11 Aug 2016, Thursday
Time: 10:00am
Duration: ~35 minutes
Number of Participant(s): 4
User Test: Instuction here
User Test Results: Click here to view

User Testing 2

Venue: Vimbox Office @ Tradehub 21
Date: 21 Sep 2016, Wednesday
Time: 6:30pm
Duration: ~45 minutes
Number of Participant(s): 5
User Test: Instruction here
User Test Results: Click here to view

Post User Testing 2 Improvements

Change #1 - UI Improvements for Site Survey Module on iPad

Before After


Change #2 - Business process for managing move jobs
Only specified moving supervisors were allowed to allocate movers to move jobs
Remove restriction on allocation of move job. All Moving Supervisors are able to access the available move jobs to assign Movers.

Change #3 - UX Issue for selecting DOM
When selecting ‘Date of Move’ under 'Create New Lead' function, user is unaware there is a need to click on the ‘+’ sign for address to be selected.
Genesis dom plus.png
Our rationale for this is to cater to multiple-destination move. Hence, we will not be removing the '+'. Instead, we will include a reminder so that users will not forget.

Learning Outcomes

Team Reflection

The team has experienced what it’s like being involved in a full project life cycle. We picked up hard skills such as project management and web application development. Not forgetting soft skills such as internal communication within the team and communicating with external parties such as our supervisor and sponsor. We have also witnessed our solution value-add to the company’s business process, making the project a fulfilling one.

Product Owner's Testimonial

"The team has been keeping me updated very regularly on the progress on product development. The team is very strong in the technical aspects of the product and they are more than willing to find alternate ways to improve the overall user experience of the product. THey are very receptive of the feedbacks and are always trying to find ways to improve the overall product and the whole experience of the product design." - Hakim Zaini

Individual Reflection

No matter what you plan, unexpected thing will happen. This is undeniable. Always be ready when it comes to any changes.

I have learnt more about Javascript on how it helps to deliver dynamic web content to better facilitate user interface and user experience.

Xue Ning
I have learnt the importance of scrum methodology as it helps us to manage and responds to change efficiently.

Yu Sheng
Although my role is a backend developer, I have realised that there have been too many occasions where frontend development have a significant impact on the backend. Therefore this allows me to pick up frontend development to fully understand the function scope so as to produce more comprehensive pieces of codes.

Qing Wan
Every user has different intuition. User testing with a variety of users is important in understanding your target audience.