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About Us
Project Overview
Project Management

Midterm Final

Project Progress Summary

Midterm slides:
Deployment site: http://vmis-vimgen.rhcloud.com/

Deployment Progress

  • Current sprint: Sprint 8
  • Sprint period: 22 September 2016 to 5 October 2016
  • Major milestone: Midterm Presentation
  • Features involved: Site Surveyor, Operations

Project Highlights

  • Highlight 1: Added Site Surveyor module and Operations Module
  • Highlight 2: Implemented account-specific controls
  • Highlight 3: Implemented UX changes based on feedback from UAT 2
  • Highlight 4: Change in business process - all Supervisors can assign jobs to Movers

Project Management

Project Status

Team GeneSIS is confident in delivering the project to our sponsor.

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Planned vs Actual Scope

Planned Actual
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Major Changes Made

Sprint Module Action Category Feature Description Value to Client
7 Administrator Module Added Primary
  • Adding values to lead form
  • Removing fields from lead form
This module allows Vimbox administrator to modify the Sales Lead if there is a need to edit the current form in the future. As the company is looking to expand beyond Singapore, there will be more move options available to customers, resulting in a need to modify the current Sales Lead form. The addition of this module gives the Vimbox administrator the ease and flexibility of adjusting the required fields of the form on his own without the aid of IT.
6 Added

Click here for more on changes made to scope

Planned vs Actual Project Schedule

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Project Metrics

Team Velocity

Sprint Burndown

Risks Management

Risk Type Risk Event Likelihood Impact Mitigation
Data Security Risk No added security measures in place to ensure database is not breached High High Test the ease of drawing information from database using simple hacking methods
Adoption Risk Employees are unsure of how to utilize the application High Medium Conduct a session to help employees familiarize with the functionalities

View our list of potential risks here

Unaccepted Stories of Each Sprint

Technical Complexity

Architectural Diagram

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Quality of Product

Intermediate Deliverables



User Testing 1

Venue: Vimbox Office @ Tradehub 21
Date: 11 Aug 2016, Thursday
Time: 10:00am
Duration: ~35 minutes
Number of Participant(s): 4
User Test: Instuction here
User Test Results: Click here to view

User Testing 2

Venue: Vimbox Office @ Tradehub 21
Date: 21 Sep 2016, Wednesday
Time: 6:30pm
Duration: ~45 minutes
Number of Participant(s): 5
User Test: [ Instuction here]
User Test Results: Click here to view

User Testing 2

Improvements based on User Testing 2

Learning Outcomes

Team Reflection

Product Owner's Testimonial

Individual Reflection