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Project Progress Summary

Final Presentation Slides: Download 6nificance Final Presentation Slides

Project Highlights

Project Challenges

Project Achievements

Project Management

Project Scope

Midterms Final
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Scope Changes

Project Timeline

Planned Actual
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Schedule Highlights

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Project Metrics

Schedule Metrics

6nificance Midterm Schedule Metrics.PNG

Iteration Planned Duration (Days) Actual Duration (Days) Schedule Metric Score Action Taken Status
5 14 16 0.88 More time needed to complete Update Profile function due to difficulties with uploading images to cloud database.

Follow up action: Informed supervisor about delay. Re-scheduled the dates and tasks of iteration 6. Reduced duration of iteration 6 from 14 days to 12 days. More coding hours per day were allocated in iteration 6.

6 12 14 0.86 More time needed to research and complete Social Module due to complexity with creating a new social media platform from scratch.

Follow up action: Informed supervisor about delay. Re-scheduled the dates and tasks of iteration 7. Removed 2 buffer days in iteration 8.

7 14 16 0.88 More time needed to debug bugs found in newsfeed and view color hashtag of social module

Follow up action: Informed supervisor about delay. Reduced duration of iteration 8 from 9 days to 7 days.


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Bug Metrics

6nificance Midterm Bug Metrics.PNG

Iteration Bug Score Bug Summary Action Taken
5 17
2 Low
3 High
3 high bugs were due to profile picture not being shown due to problems with uploading images to Cloud Database. Resolve bugs immediately. End date of iteration 5 is delayed. PM to reschedule end dates and tasks of iteration 6.
6 21
1 Low
2 High
1 Critical
1 critical bug was due to app cash when newsfeed refresh is attempted without internet connection. 2 high bugs were due to number of likes and color hashtags not being accurately recorded in database. Resolve bugs immediately. End date of iteration 6 is delayed. PM to reschedule end dates and tasks of iteration 7.
7 29
4 Low
5 High
5 high bugs were due to wrong user profile picture being displayed in the newsfeed, incorrect number of posts sometimes being displayed on user profile and incorrect color tags shown in each post. Resolve bugs immediately. End date of iteration 7 is delayed. PM to reschedule end dates and tasks of iteration 8.

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Project Risks

Risk Description Category Impact Mitigation Strategy
Digital color in application may not match the physical color of nail polish. High Users may end up dissatisfied and no longer use the application. Before ordering, a message will be displayed in the application. It will state that a money-back guarantee is provided if users do not think their nail polish color match with their requested color.
Team is unfamiliar with android development. High Project may be potentially delayed due to time spent on learning. Initial quality of application may be affected as there may be more bugs. PM has allocated more time to Iteration zero to learn about android development.
Sponsor not confident of delivering within project timeline. High Users may not be encouraged to use the application since their desired nail polish may not be ready. Team proposed that social module be the first item that users see to encourage them to actively use the application which sponsor agreed and accepted.

Technical Complexity

6nificance Technical Complexity.png

Quality of Product

Intermediate Deliverables

Stage Specification Modules
Project Requirements Market Research Market Research
Project Management Minutes Minutes
Metrics Schedule Metrics
Task Metrics
Bug Metrics
Risk Risks
Change Management Change Management
Analysis Use Case Diagram
System Sequence Diagram
Architecture Diagram
Design Low-Fi Prototype
High-Fi Prototype
UI Prototype
Testing User Testing 1 User Testing 1
Heuristic Evaluation Heuristic Evaluation
User Testing 2 User Testing 2




User Testing Date Venue Users Link
User Testing 1 08 Aug 2015 Based on testers' convenience 14 Female (Age 14-24 years old)
2 Male (Age 14-24 years old)
User Testing 1
Heuristic Evaluation 12 Sept 2015 SMU 4 SMU female students Heuristic Evaluation
User Testing 2 02 Oct 2015 SMU 21 Females User Testing 2


Team Reflection

  1. Deeper insights into the world of colors
  2. Gained real-life experience of building a social media platform from scratch
  3. Experience in mobile application development and Google Services

Individual Reflection

Name Reflections

Sanjay Nelagadde

I have to be the one to ensure that all of us stay motivated, and that we have fun while working hard towards achieving a memorable experience for IS480. I am now able to better manage our busy schedule to ensure proper schedule planning.


Ng Kiat Keng

I understood the importance of having a proper test plan so as to ensure efficient and yet high quality testing. Doing this project made me learnt a lot new things about colors and how we have been taking something so simple for granted.


Lim Ting Zhi

Being in charge of the whole project’s design have forced to constantly improve on my designing skills. I have gained deeper insights on the different designing techniques on beautifying the Android UI.


Chua Feng Ru

Understanding and designing the Google Cloud SQL and endpoint was no easy task. Doing this taught me how to better design a database based on our app requirements. Finally, I have learnt how to better integrate different people’s codes at different timing.


Foo Yee Cheng

I have learnt about various new programming functions and this has widen my technical knowledge about android. Dealing with colors in Android has been very interesting so far as even something like colors can be calculated using numbers.


Lim Yu Xiang Bendexter

There is a huge learning curve for Android programming, but together as a team we helped each other out and this made the process an easier and memorable one.