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=<div style="background: #34454c; padding: 15px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 0.3em; text-indent: 15px; font-size: 22px"><font color=#FFFFF>Project Progress Summary</font></div>=
=<div style="background: #34454c; padding: 15px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 0.3em; text-indent: 15px; font-size: 22px"><font color=#FFFFF>Project Progress Summary</font></div>=
<font size=4><b>Final Presentation Slides</b>: [[IS480 Team wiki:Download 6nificance Final Presentation Slides|Download 6nificance Final Presentation Slides]]</font><br/>
<font size=4><b>Final Presentation Slides</b>: [[Media:6nificance Final Presentation (FINAL).pdf|Download 6nificance Final Presentation Slides]]</font><br/>
<font size=4><b>[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jp641bbj9-4&list=PLpkm5DKJfGJyNlEKy_zmjzjpQSXvmupJj&index=2 Pitch Video]</b></font><br/>
<font size=4><b>[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jp641bbj9-4&list=PLpkm5DKJfGJyNlEKy_zmjzjpQSXvmupJj&index=2 Pitch Video]</b></font><br/>
<font size=4><b>[[Media: 6nificancePosterWeb.pdf|Poster]]</b></font>
<font size=4><b>[[Media: 6nificancePosterWeb.pdf|Poster]]</b></font>

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Project Progress Summary

Final Presentation Slides: Download 6nificance Final Presentation Slides
Pitch Video

Project Highlights

  • Successful Deployment in Google Play Store on 13th November. Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=sozoco.co.naildeck
  • Successful Deployment of Back-End Admin Website on Google App Engine. Link: http://1-dot-naildeckadminportal-1042.appspot.com/
  • 3 User Testings and 1 heuristic evaluation conducted. User Testing #3 conducted in NUS.
  • Team decided to revamp the whole UI of application to make it look more social media centric. These changes were done in iterations 6 and 7:
    • Removal of navigation drawer and interlinked rest of application features with social module.
    • Created new high-fi prototypes and conducted heuristic evaluation before actual coding for revamp.
  • Team proposed and formed partnerships with nail salons to generate more nail art posts which sponsor agreed and accepted.

Project Challenges

  • DIY nail polish kit is removed as project sponsor highlighted issues with finding suppliers for the DIY kit.
  • Project sponsor not confident of producing nail polishes within project timeline due to difficulties with sourcing good quality materials.
  • Users will instead express interest in the color of nail polish and receive it once sponsor is ready to deliver.
  • Team proposed that application be more social media focused in order to encourage active usage and interests which sponsor agreed and accepted.

Project Achievements

  • Active posting of nail art pictures by our nail salon partners in Singapore.
  • Targeted local and international nail art communities. Received downloads from Singapore and other countries.

Project Management

Project Scope

Midterms Final
6nificance Midterm Scope.PNG
6nificance Scope Diagram.png

Scope Changes

  • Additional functions in website to view newsfeed and delete post dropped due to more time needed on optimization task for loading speed of images in mobile application
  • Content of social media task dropped due to more time needed on optimization task for color sorting of images in mobile application
  • Delete post added in mobile application to allow users to delete their undesired posts

Project Timeline

Planned Actual
6nificance Midterm Project Schedule.png
6nificance Project Schedule After Midterm.png

Schedule Highlights

  • Optimization tasks for loading of images and search posts based on color added in iteration 9
  • Additional functions for back-end admin website to view newsfeed and delete posts removed from iterations 9 and 10
  • Delete post in mobile application added in iteration 10
  • Alternate view to allow users to see posts in screen view mode dded in iteration 10
  • User Testing #3 rescheduled from 2nd Nov to 9th Nov

Project Metrics

Schedule Metrics


Iteration Planned Duration (Days) Actual Duration (Days) Schedule Metric Score Action Taken Status
9 17 19 0.89 More time needed to optimize loading speed of images and sorting color algorithm

Follow up action: Informed supervisor about delay. Reduced duration of iteration 10 from 14 days to 12 days

10 12 13 0.92 Estimates are generally accurate and on track. Proceed as per normal.
11 14 14 1.00 Estimates are generally accurate and on track. Proceed as per normal.

View Our Schedule Metrics Here!

Bug Metrics

Bug Metric (Score).PNG

Iteration Bug Score Bug Summary Action Taken
9 15
3 High
3 high bugs due to posts not being sorted properly, profile picture not being shown and blank page being shown when users' profile are shown. Used the planned debugging time in iteration 9. Team was able to fix the identified bugs within the planned debugging time.
10 17
2 Low
3 High
3 high bugs were due to trends not showing the correct number of posts and saved colors Used the planned debugging time in iteration 10. Team was able to fix the identified bugs within the planned debugging time.
11 15
1 High
1 Critical
Loading of incorrect images in newsfeed of social module Used the planned debugging time in iteration 11. Team was able to fix the identified bugs within the planned debugging time.

View Our Bug Metrics Here!

Project Risks

Risk Description Category Impact Mitigation Strategy
Colors detected in photo may differ based on different hardware Medium Colors selected from a photo may be inaccurate. Application will display list of recommended phone models and specifications when installed
Social newsfeed may have little nail art pictures posted by users High Users may end up dissatisfied and no longer use the application Team partnered with various nail salons to post their nail art pictures in exchange for free advertising
Team is unfamiliar with android development High Project may be potentially delayed due to time spent on learning. Initial quality of application may be affected as there may be more bugs PM has allocated more time to Iteration zero to learn about android development
Sponsor not confident of delivering within project timeline. High Users may not be encouraged to use the application since their desired nail polish may not be ready. Team proposed that social module be the first item that users see to encourage them to actively use the application which sponsor agreed and accepted.

Technical Complexity

6nificance Technical Complexity Final.png

Quality of Product

Intermediate Deliverables

Stage Specification Modules
Project Requirements Market Research Market Research
Project Management Minutes Minutes
Metrics Schedule Metrics
Task Metrics
Bug Metrics
Risk Risks
Change Management Change Management
Analysis Use Case Diagram
System Sequence Diagram
Architecture Diagram
Design Low-Fi Prototype
High-Fi Prototype
UI Prototype
Testing User Testing 1 User Testing 1
Heuristic Evaluation Heuristic Evaluation
User Testing 2 User Testing 2
User Testing 3 User Testing 3


6nificance Quality.png



User Testing Date Venue Users Link
User Testing 1 08 Aug 2015 Based on testers' convenience 14 Female (Age 14-24 years old)
2 Male (Age 14-24 years old)
User Testing 1
Heuristic Evaluation 12 Sept 2015 SMU 4 SMU female students Heuristic Evaluation
User Testing 2 02 Oct 2015 SMU 21 Females User Testing 2
User Testing 3 16 Nov 2015 NUS 20 Females User Testing 3

View Our Test Cases Here


Team Reflection
As a team with 5 men and 1 woman, we have learnt about how the nail polish and nail art industry works, and at the same time how it feels to work in partnership with a start-up. As Team 6nificance is not familiar with the nail polish industry or colour-cosmetic industry, it took us much effort to understand the consumer behavior of nail art/polish lovers and business partners, and also how we can build our application to the needs of these 2 major groups of users to our application. Coming from a complete understanding of what are their needs, we also tried to implement economics mechanism within the application, such as incentivising business partners (nail parlours or salons) to generate promotional contents for their own business services. In turn, users will get to enjoy loads of nail designs and also get to know more about nail polish parlours or salons on our social media platform. This strategy has proven to be successful, which is only possible through all efforts taken in understanding the industry and the users. We have also received attention from a local competitor, who specialises in a colour-cosmetic related application, and this attention allows us to have a glimpse of the harshness of the real-world.

On the technical side, the team has also learnt about how colours are interpreted within computers and through different models such as Hue Saturation Value (HSV), Hue Saturation Light (HSL), LAB and the traditional RGB model. As we are dealing a lot with digital colours, there is a need to understand the differences between each of these models and how their application affects our application. In order to effectively analyse the different models, we also learnt how to use the colour gamut in analysing the pros and cons of different models.

Individual Reflection

Name Reflections

Sanjay Nelagadde

Throughout this journey, I have learnt that real project management occurs when there are various scope changes and schedule changes. I better understood the importance of contingency plans when schedule delays occur due to unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, I have managed to improve my coordination and communication skills with various stakeholders and my teammates. It was highly fulfilling to see the project completed and this is definitely a valuable learning experience that I can apply in future.


Ng Kiat Keng

Being the QA has taught me the importance of crafting proper test cases and finding the best way to improve the app based on test results. One challenge I have encountered is to identify high quality actionable information that will be useful to the app by analysing the metrics collected after testing. The key to overcoming this is to figure out which metric is necessary to be measured before testing is being done, as data can be easily collected but high-value analysis is not something that can be created out of nothing.


Lim Ting Zhi

Being in charge of the project’s front end design, I have learnt that design is always changing and is subjected to people’s perspectives. Thus, there was always a need to adapt to feedbacks and it forces me to put myself in the users’ shoes to create a better user experience. Apart from improving on my designing skills, I gained a better understanding of Android user interface design patterns to ensure user familiarity and consistency through the application.


Chua Feng Ru

As a System Analyst, other than aligning business and IT objectives, the biggest challenge is to ensure that the overall architecture of the system is able to fulfil scalability, reliability and performance. All these factors generally ensure a smooth user experience for the users. This job role coincides with my role as a Deputy Front End Developer, where engagement of users is important to allow optimal users’ satisfaction. Engagement of users allows me to interact with nail parlours or users on their needs, and also use other social media platforms as a benchmark in a bid to improve our application.


Foo Yee Cheng

Development for Android platform is not an easy chore, since there are no definite framework, trial and errors are to be performed most of the time. This project exposed me to the world of material design, usage of Google Cloud and familiarizing several technical library usage available in/to Android. Furthermore adapting and implanting industrial development standards to all the team members, is vital for code collaboration happening at different time.


Lim Yu Xiang Bendexter

Picking up Android programming has been a really interesting journey, learning different frameworks and new libraries that I have never experienced before. Being new to the world of colors, I have discovered many different perspectives and spaces of color. It was tough working under the constraints of time, but together as a team we assisted each other and the project was indeed a memorable one. I have grown a lot in terms of time management and maturity in the working world, and I am glad I did IS480 early.