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Project Progress Summary

Midterm slides

Deployed Link: sterlingtraininghub.com

Project Highlights

Our project schedule is divided into 12 iterations.

  • Till date of 18 February 2015, we have completed about 80% of our development progress.
  • Two user testing with users (before acceptance and before midterms)
  • Beta release on 17 February 2015, with actual administrators using the system (before midterms).
  • Current iteration: 8
  • Iteration 8: 5 February 2015 - 23 February 2015

Development Progress

Status: 80%
Link to the Development metrics: https://docs.google.com/a/smu.edu.sg/spreadsheets/d/1M9W9tuOnP9srr3V0IeMDBQZcdv3H7c9bQ0i-TfhwkTk/edit?usp=sharing

  • The team is confident of completing the project and delivering the application on time.

Project Management

Project Scope

Planned Now

Team Elements Scope Acceptance.jpg

FunctionalitiesScope MidTerms.png

Major Scope changes

  • Addition of LSP Forms for compliance purposes
  • Shifting of Search Module to Secondary functionalities based on additional observations
  • Shifting of Student and Trainer Modules to Tertiary functionalities.
  • Removal of notifications module
  • The team documents changes on this change tracker and evaluate changes on a case by case basis.

View our Change Management Here!

Project Schedule

View detailed Project Schedule here!

Planned Actual

Team Elements ProjectSchedule Planned.png

Team Elements ProjectSchedule Actual.png

Schedule Highlights

  • There was a removal of a user test in December due to our change in sponsor.
  • There was a delay for Beta Release as our sponsor was still deciding on the host for their website.


Schedule Metrics

View our Schedule Metrics Here!

Elements Schedule Metrics.jpg
Schedule Metrics Highlights
Iteration Planned Duration (Days) Actual Duration (Days) Schedule Metric Score Action Status
4 14 17 82% The team is behind schedule.Under-estimated the effort required. Re-estimate tasks for future iterations.

Delayed due to the potential change in sponsor and the team was changing some aspects of the interface after acceptance presentation.

Follow up action: Iteration 4 was delayed by 3 days. However, the following iteration started after the exam break. No buffer day is used.


Bug Metrics

View our Bug Metrics here!

Bug Score
Elements Bug mid terms.JPG
  • Numbers above are the total bug scores
Iteration Bug Score Summary of bugs Action Taken
4 33
2 High
There was a problem with iron router during deployment. It worked on our local host but not on the deployment server. Stop current development and resolve the bug immediately. Project Manager reschedules the project.
5 29
1 High
Meteor underwent a version change and this new version was buggy, causing compatibility issues and the application could not run. Stop current development and resolve the bug immediately. Project Manager reschedules the project.
8 17 (so far)
1 High
Due to a confusion in the template names, the options at the side bar were gone Stop current development and resolve the bug immediately. Project Manager reschedules the project.

Project Risks

View our risk management here!

No Risk Description Impact Likelihood Impact Category Mitigation Plan
1 Sponsor changes requirements on an ad hoc basis Project schedule will be affected Medium Medium B Project Manager and Business Analyst to work with sponsor closely to monitor and modify the team plan after every iteration. Team to evaluate on a case-by-case basis
2 Unable to get the administrators to test the system as the training facility is still being built Unable to get genuine feedback from users and hence affect the usability of the system High High A Project manager will work closely with the sponsor to source for similar training facilities and conduct observations and tests with them.

Project Manager to work closely with sponsor to plan each functions.

The above two risks has been mitigated.

  1. Risk 1: The team implemented change management plan in order to evaluate the changes requested by the client. View our Change Management Here!
  2. Risk 2: Sponsor and the team went to find through their own personal contacts and managed to gather a total of 2 other training hubs to help.

Technical Complexity

Generation of Certificates

  • Sterling needs to generate certificates for pupils who have completed their courses
  • Populate certs in a given format and exporting them to pdf for printing

Elements cert generation.png

  • The above image is generated from the class list

Excel Read&Write

Elements excel screenshot.png

  • For the convenience of the trainer, the trainer can download a copy of the class list into excel and use it to fill up the class' grades and attendance.
Quality of Product


Stage Specification Modules
Project Requirements Purpose and Motivation Purpose and Motivation

Market Research

Project Management Minutes Meeting Minutes
Project Management Metrics, Risks, Change

Schedule Metrics
Bug Metrics
Bug Management
Change Management

Analysis and Design DB Diagram, As-Is, To-Be Processes DB Diagram, As-Is, To-Be Processes
Design Prototype Persona and Prototype
Testing User Test Plan

Heuristic Evaluation
User Testing 1
User Testing 2


Deployed Link: sterlingtraininghub.com


We have conducted two user testing and one heuristic evaluation.

heuristic Evaluation

  • Venue: Singapore Management University, School of Information Systems
  • 5 participants
  • This is to learn more about the usability of our application and improve it further in our future designs. This was conducted with a paper prototype. A paper prototype was used because we want to be able to discover UI issues early, so that the cost of changing will not be so high.

View our Heuristics Evaluation documentation here!

User Testing 1

  • Date: 10 October 2014
  • Venue: Sterling Engineering Training Hub
  • 1 Academic One Administrator
  • 2 Cerealtech School Of Baking Technology Administrator
  • 1 administrator from CSIS Industries Administrator

View our UT1 documentation here!

User Testing 2

  • Date: 29 January 2015
  • Venue: Sterling Engineering Training Hub
  • 3 Sterling Engineering Training Hub Administrators

View our UT2 documentation here!


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