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Roles & Responsibilities Learning Outcomes

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Quek Yuan Yi
  • Manage a project with proper planning and effective communication
  • Ensure the team is well prepared for project milestones
  • Learn visual force so as to assist in the designing of UI
Siti Arinah
  • Learn to design and code interactive client-facing website
  • Learn and understand the practices used in managing real world projects
  • Enhanced and improve on project management skills
  • Learn a new object-oriented programming language, Apex
Farah Mustapha
  • Learning new language - APEX
  • Trained in using Salesforce Administrator platform
  • Good understanding of how Salesforce integrates with Trunk Club
Huang Hexing
  • learn new program language APEX
  • Learn to build web application using salesforce
  • Learn to communicate effectively with business analyst to make critical decisions that meet the sponsor's requirements.