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Risk Metrics

Tclub risk metric.png

No. Risk Type Likelihood Impact Risk Level Risk Management Status
1 Change in requirements from Salesforce Business Medium High A Project manager is to compare and determine the difference in scope and how it will impact the project. Inform project supervisor and course coordinator immediately and seek advice on how the team should proceed. Pm is to review the project plan and identify new milestones and delegate work to the respective members. Activated
2 Insufficient technical knowledge to code out the function Technical Medium High A PProject manager is to review the plan and track the progress of the team members. Prioritise the tasks that needs to be done first and schedule a meeting to relay these to the team members. Work on the unfinished task once they are done with the critical task Activated
3 Unresolved backlog bugs Technical Medium Medium B Backlog bugs are bugs that but will not affect the entire system. Bugs should be log down in the bug metrics and pm is to assign members to resolved the bug asap when they have nothing on their plate or to resolve it during the debugging phase Activated
4 Problem in implementing third party web services Technical Medium Medium B Seeks project advisor / Salesforce on how to integrate such function. Activated
5 Project scope are unclear Business Medium High A All goals and objective must be clearly defined before execution.
6 End user unfamiliar with application Business High Medium A Provide simple user documentation and manual. User Interfaces should be made easy to use, intuitive and require little navigation around the site.
7 Developing platform is down (offline) Technical Low Medium C Team must install software to develop offline and inquire the provider about the cause when it is down
8 Team uncontrollable factor (falling sick, lost laptop, family or relationship issue) Team Medium High A Team should discuss and agree on the newly adjusted plans.
9 Inefficient coding implementation leading to slow response time Team Medium High A Team should discuss and agree on the newly adjusted plans.
10 Delay in Kaleea Web Launch Team Medium High A Pm is to dicsuss with the team and see if there is any quick fix to resolve any potential problems that is causing the delay in launch.

Also, pm has to inform the various stakeholders about the delay asap and the steps that the team will be taking to meet the proposed launch