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Project Description

T-Club works with Salesforce to a build an e-commerce platform for Form Asian Label also known as Trunk Club (Asia) to create a highly personalised experience for shoppers. Unlike most online retail websites, Trunk Club provides "Your Own Personal Online Stylist" services to offer fashion decision.

This platform allows designers to reach out beyond their own countries to the rest of the ASEAN region. Moreover, Trunk Club possesses a team of dedicated stylist to assist shoppers, achieving their desired looks by identifying their taste via the information that they have provided during registration. Stylist can also stay connected with shoppers by extracting customer’s information from their social media activities to have a better understanding of the shopper’s behaviour.

Salesforce, a cloud solution provider manages the whole business process of Trunk Club from managing customer records which includes the sales activities, orders and stylist assignment. Salesforce’ technology will enable us to deliver the value proposition of Trunk Club (Asia).

Updated as of 09 Feb 2015
Change in Project Requirements and Scope

Salesforce will be working with T-club to build an e-commerce platform for Kaleea which aims to create a convenient shopping experience for ladies between the age of 20 to 35 years old. Unlike most online e-commerce, Kaleea provides a loyalty membership program and product suggestions to enhance user shopping experiences. Similarly to the previous scope of the project, T-club will leverage on Salesforce to manage the business process of Kaleea by Managing User Accounts, Inventories, Orders and payment.

Tclubdesc.PNG TClub business process final.PNG

Business Overview (Form Asian Label) Version 1
Process Flow (Form Asian Label) Version 1

Market Research

Tclubmr2.PNG Tclubmr3.PNG

X Factor

  • We Adapted fast! - We went LIVE with 10 Transaction within 1 Month from the date of change of client
  • Great commercial values for any startups - Fully functional e-Commerce store with Shopping Cart, Product catalog, PayPal, Discount codes
  • Value Add: Making use of predictive analytics to identify potential current consumer behaviour
Form Asian Label's Unique Selling Point

Why Salesforce?

1. Scalable
We were able to salvage some function from our previous client at minimal or no effort at all. On top of that, thinking ahead, in any event Kaleea increases their volume of sales, Salesforce has the capability to handle a growing amount of demand.

2. Robust Security
Salesforce focuses a lot on security such as providing SSL, data encryption and user authentication. Tapping on the latest firewall protection and intrusion detection system, Salesforce allows customer with a peace of mind that only world-class security infrastructure provides.

3. Rapid go-to-market
Salesforce is able to bring the product to customer and diffuse to the marketplace fast.


Currently, online styling services are not available in Asia. As a result, customer has to make their way down to the physical store to seek fashion advice from their personal stylist, which is time consuming. Personal stylist is also experiencing problems in managing customer profiles because everything is done manually and information is incoherent between departments.

Trunk club seeks to provide a less tedious and customised shopping experience by improving the operational process of enabling stylists to have instant access to customer information, making hand-selection of outfits easier and faster. On top of that, this personalised service could achieve customer satisfaction by allowing real time interaction between stylist and customer to understand their needs and to gather feedbacks.

With salesforce, it streamlines the entire business process by allowing easy integration and communication of trunk club’s data within the organisation.

Updated as of 5th Feb 2015: Change in scope and client of the project

For startup company like Kaleea, we can forsee that there will be issues in tracking of inventories, updating and tracking of orders and payment. Also, due to the lack of resources, it might be difficult for Kaleea to keep up with the consumer behaviour and trends. Hence, Our team decided to provide a one-stop solution for kaleea by leveraging of Salesforce in improve the operational process to achieve customer satisfaction and to meet the Kaleea's KPI.


Project Deliverables

TClub ourProduct.PNG

Trunk Club(Asia) Deliverables
Trunk Club (Asia) Deliverables 2
Kaleea Deliverables - Mid Term

Project Scope

Kaleea Project Scope.PNG
Updated as of 5th Feb 2015: Change in requirements and scope due to change in client

Version 1
Version 2(FormAsianLabel)
Mid-Term Scope

Project Stakeholders