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     <tr><td align="center" style="border:2px dotted #2B547E;">[[http://www.kaleea.com www.kaleea.com/ Kaleea Web Launch]]</td>
     <tr><td align="center" style="border:2px dotted #2B547E;">[http://www.kaleea.com/ Kaleea Web Launch]</td>
       <td align="center" style="border:2px dotted #2B547E;"> <strike>08/03/2015</strike></td>   
       <td align="center" style="border:2px dotted #2B547E;"> <strike>08/03/2015</strike></td>   

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Home Team T-Club Project Overview Project Management Project Documentation
Acceptance M IDTERM Final
FYP Milestones
Submission of Project Proposal 3/11/2014
Acceptance 03/11/2014
Project Registration 7/1/2015
User Testing 1 13/2/2015
User Testing 2 23/2/2015- 24/2/2015
Mid Term 26/02/2015
Kaleea Web Launch 08/03/2015
User Testing 3 05/04/2015- 07/04/2015
Final Presentation 16/04/2015
Poster Day 22/04/2015
Current Iteration:
13 ~90%
06/04/2015 24/04/2015

** We are at our last iteration of the project!

TClub slide icon.pngDownload our Acceptance Slide here

TClub slide icon.pngDownload our Mid-Term Slide here

TClub slide icon.pngDownload our Final Slide here