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  • Location: CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School, Reactor ARC
  • Date: 14 - 23 Mar 2016
  • Time: -


  • Verify that functionalities built are in line with user requirements
  • Determine if the user interface is intuitive
  • Gather feedback on current functionalities
  • Identify usability problems


  • Number of educators: 3
  • Number of students: 70
  • Roles of participants: Head-of-Department, Academic Director, Personal Development Trainer

IMG 1517.JPG IMG 1518.JPG


  • Each of the users was given a list of tasks to complete. Click here to download tasklist.
  • Before and after completing all the tasks, users are given a survey questionnaire to complete.

Survey Results

Collated Task Score

UAT1 results.jpg

Task Participant 1 Participant 2 Participant 3 Participant 4 Overall Mean Remark
Task 1 1 1 1 3 1.5 Nil
Task 2 2 1 1 4 2 Nil
Task 3 1 2 2 4 2.25 Nil
Task 4 1 2 1 1 1.25 Nil
Task 5 2 2 1 4 2.25 Nil
Task 6 1 1 2 1 1.25 Nil
Task 7 1 4 2 1 2 Nil
Task 8 2 2 2 1 1.75 Nil
Task 9 3 3 3 2 2.75 Don't have to go to a new page to see which co-educator is attached to batch
# Issue Collated feedback
1 Text size Layout of the pages is simple and easy to see,
However, the text is quite faint and the font size can be bigger.
Bigger font size
Current layout is nice but text can be bigger.
Bigger font size.
2 Phrasing "Batch" is a little too definitive as teachers may only request a certain group of students to take the test. Consider changing to something less definitive and more generic.
3 Success Messages Application is simple to use and straightforward but I would like to know where I am at in terms of the steps in using the application.
I think it would be good if I can know whether some stuff I am doing is correct or not.
4 Lack of information hierarchy Everything is there on the page but I don't know where to look or what to focus on for certain stuff
I like the layout cause it is not confusing but it would be good if things are presented in a way that I can see certain important information.
5 Validation Do you have certain password restrictions?
Any password limits and email verification?
6 Any thing you will like to see in the application? A report for my cohort as well? It would be very insightful
It will be useful if I send the reminder myself. Because then I know how many days have passed since the reminder has been sent and send it again if necessary. I can control the frequency.
Allow me to send an email straight from this application.

Include a report for a cohort so that I can submit it for analysis with the other Year Heads.

User Study Summary

  • Overall, users find the application easy to use, and the layout simple. intuitive to perform certain functions as it fits with other learning management systems that they have been using.
  • In general, users are satisfied with most functions, except for a few
  • User feedback for important features are fairly useful

User Study Takeaways

  • A consistency in usability for different users. Consider that different users have different capabilities in using such a system.
  • With users' feedback, we identified areas of improvement on these functions. Eg. Add or Remove a co-educator
  • Allow us to evaluate the usefulness of these features and future functions. Consideration on improvising the features and removing features that are redundant to users. Eg. Sort & Filter. Most feedback has been accounted for in our implementation plan, which will then be confirmed into subsequent development.