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General Internal Test Plan


  • Define testing scope and objectives
  • Define testing methodology
  • Identify the features and functions to test

Define testing scope and objectives

The scope of the testing conducted by the team includes all functionalities completed up till that point in time. The aim of the testing is to identify the presence of bugs and irregularities in the application not previously discovered by the developers in the earlier development phase. Also, the testing conducted for the application is tested on several different browsers and Operating Systems to ensure consistency in performance.

  • Operating Systems
    • Mac OS
    • Windows OS
  • Browsers
    • Google Chrome
    • Safari

Testing Approach

The team will conduct comprehensive manual testing at the end of every iteration. The developers will conduct individual unit testing before committing their codes into the shared repository.

These codes will be integrated together with the completed functionalities. The Quality Assurance Lead will conduct regression testing locally against the set of test cases for the application. Upon identification of the bugs, the he/she will update the bug-tracking document and notify the necessary developers on the issues at hand and the corresponding priority level.

Codes will be deployed online and tested against the set of test cases again to ensure that the deployed application is functional with no problems.

Features & Functions to Test -- Internal & External Test Scripts

Iteration Link
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
UAT 1 Starteur-testing.png
7 5
8 8
9 9
10 10
UAT 2 Starteur-testing.png
12 12
13 13
UAT 3 Starteur-testing.png