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Persona 1

Desmond is a 26 year old fresh graduate who just proposed to his girlfriend of 9 years. He and his girlfriend are both Singaporean Chinese individuals with traditional family backgrounds. He has no prior experience with planning a traditional Chinese wedding. He plans to have his wedding in a year’s time on his 10th Anniversary. Desmond loves to play soccer with his friends. He created a Facebook page to plan their weekly matches to keep track of members and their attendance so that it is easier for them to book venues for their games. He asked many of his soccer kakis for advice on marriage planning but none of them had any idea as they were all focusing on their career advancement. Desmond also has a habit of using budget and to-do mobile applications to track his expenditure and tasks respectively. He was very excited when he came across the Mr & Mrs (SG) Wedding Application on Graph Paper as it came along with a guide on how to plan a wedding specially tailored for Singaporeans. He immediately signed up for it and started using the functions provided by the application.

Persona 2

Rani’s boyfriend just proposed to her. She is totally excited about planning for the big day, but she is not sure of all the things she needs to plan out for the series of events leading up to her wedding. Her parents are aware of the necessary items and the traditions that needs to be observed during the wedding events. However, they are not very good with recording expenditure and planning out itineraries. Rani has always dreamed of how her wedding should be and wishes for her wedding to be planned out to be like the wedding of her dreams. There are a lot of information out there in Google, and Rani wishes there was a single platform for her to record down all her findings and plan for her wedding at the same time. Her friend recommended Mr & Mrs (SG) as it has simple planning tools for Rani to use to start with her wedding planning.


Scenario 1: Desmond using the To-do List function with template

Desmond logged in to the application with his email address, and selected his race and put in his wedding date as the day he and his girlfriend got together as he plans to have the marriage on that day. He then shared the Graph Paper canvas with his girlfriend so that she could also have a look and collaborate with him to plan their wedding together.

Desmond has 12 months left to his planned wedding. He logs into the Mr & Mrs (SG) application powered by Graph Paper, and is shown a Graph Paper prepopulated with components to help a user plan out a wedding in Singapore. Since Desmond had chosen to have a guided template for Chinese, components like the To-Do List had been prepopulated with a guided template that catered to arrange Chinese weddings.

He scanned through the items prepopulated in the To-Do List component and saw items such as Guo Da Li and Hui Li prepopulated there. According to the To-Do List, the first few things Desmond should do was to “Meet both sides of the family”, “Decide on number of events”, “Set your budget”, “Register your marriage”, “Select your ROM date”, “Book wedding venue”, so on and so forth.

Scenario 2: Rani using the To-do List, Notebook and Discover function without template

Rani signs in to Graph Paper using her Facebook account. She selects the default canvas without any prepopulated templates. She starts of by using the Notebook function. She uses the notes to make a list of the songs she would like to play for the guests as her wedding. She also uses it to assign roles and tasks family and friends who would be helping out for her wedding.

Rani has a brief idea of the colours and type of saree she would like to wear for her wedding. She then looks at the vendors in the Discover function to check out bridal boutiques that sell indian bridal outfits. She likes the vendor Pernia Popup Shop and is considering buying her outfit from there.

Since Rani had a rough idea of all the tasks she had to carry out in order for her marriage to be carried out smoothly, she went on to use the To-Do List function to list out all the to-dos she had to do and added the time period for each to-do.


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