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About Us
Project Overview
Project Management

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Acceptance Midterm Final

Project Progress Summary

Icon marreo presentation.png Midterm Slides

Download: Marreo Midterm Powerpoint Slides

Deployed website: http://www.marry.sg

Please login to the application via the link above.

Development progress:
Current Status: 80%

Current Iteration
Iteration 11
Midterm Presentation
START: 9 February 2015
END: 27 February 2015

Iteration progress.PNG Card progress.PNG

The project is going smoothly. We faced a few hiccups along the way, mainly delays in 3 iterations, and have dropped some features as a result. Details of these delays and dropping of functionalities can be found below.

Project Highlights:

Mr & Mrs (SG) has been renamed to Marry.SG

Mr&mrs logo black.png
Mr & Mrs (SG)

change to

  • Need for a "Revamp" Iteration (Iteration 8) in order to tie in all coded features so far
  • Scope changes to include features for a RSVP Canvas. It is something that is analogous to a dedicated website for a couple to share with loved ones

Project Management

Development Progress and Status

Development progress table.PNG

Project Schedule (Plan Vs Actual):

Planned Actual

Marreo timeline v1.jpg

Timeline v2 18-2-15.png

The main changes occur from Iteration 7 onwards with a new requirement of packaging cards for an RSVP Canvas. The scope changes have been summarised below.

Project Scope (Plan Vs Actual):

Planned Actual

Old scope circle.png

New scope circle.png

Project Metrics:

Delays in Schedule

Iteration 6 delay chart.png Iteration 6 delay.png

Iteration 7 delay chart.png Iteration 7 delay.png

Iteration 9 delay chart.png Iteration 9 delay.png

Bug Metrics

Bug metrics marreo.PNG Bug points.PNG

Did not face any critical bugs. Stayed within the safe zone (depicted by the red line) for all iterations.

Project Risks:

Risk Type Risk Statement Consequence Likelihood Impact Mitigation Strategy
Technical Risk Graph Paper is already live but undergoes frequent changes to the Graph Paper technology framework. These changes are made concurrently with the development of Marry.SG. 1. Functions in the Marry.SG application could become buggy.
2. Unplanned debugging time eating into tasks meant for other things during iterations. This may result in project delays.
High High 1. Communicate with client on fortnightly to keep coders updated on changes being made to Graph Paper. Alert client if time is tight and instability is causing too many setbacks. Try to work towards a solution together.
2. Have enough buffer time allocated to accommodate unplanned debugging tasks.
3. Have a set of robust test cases to ensure all possible errors and bugs can be identified.
4. Schedule stringent and frequent testing of systems during the end of all iterations to ensure that integration of new functions would not affect previously coded functions.
Operational Risk Unforeseen commitments or events of group members (E.g. Sickness, urgent family commitments, going on a holiday during term breaks, laptop not functioning) 1. Disruptions to progress
2. Project delays
Mid High 1. Review tasks and plans and make changes where possible.
2. Schedule tasks in buffer period if it is not possible to reschedule tasks to accommodate the delay.
3. Alert client if some functions cannot ready by planned time.
4. Last resort: Alert client if some functions need to be dropped.

Technical Complexity:

Card (Feature) Involved Description of Technical Complexity What is to be achieved as an end result
RSVP Card and Guest Manager Use of Web Hook to link data from two separate sources To link data from two separate canvases (data sources, one is a form and the other is a card on Graph Paper)
Wedding Day Itinerary and Contact List To export data from the two cards as a PDF document Data downloaded as a PDF
Admin Handling CSV file uploads to bootstrap data for three cards (Things to Do, Notes, Wedding Discover) via the Admin Card To bootstrap data from CSV files

Quality of product

Intermediate Deliverables:

There should be some evidence of work in progress.

Stage Specification
Project Management Minutes
Scope Management
Project Timeline
Risk Management
Analysis Technologies
Architecture Diagram
Design ER Diagram

User Testing

We conducted two User Testing sessions thus far.

User Testing 1

Date: 30 Jan 2015
10 SMU Students


  • Usability
    • All users should be able to achieve all tasks described without asking for help
    • 90% of users will be able to perform a similar task on a card in a shorter time after their first attempt
  • Look and Feel
    • 90% of users are satisfied with the layout of the cards on the canvas i.e. cards are not too big or not too small
    • 90% of users feel that this application looks presentable and aesthetically pleasing

User Testing 2

Date: Early February
2 married individuals


  • Usability & Functions
    • All users should agree that the components used are relevant and important to wedding planning
    • All users will be able to use the tools without help from the facilitator

Find out more below:
User Testing


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