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About Us
Project Overview
Project Management

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Project Description Market Research Project Scope User Testing Design & Prototype Marketing

Official Website

Marry.SG Official Website https://www.marry.sg


  • General Information of Marry.SG
  • Navigate to Marry.SG Application


  • About Marry.SG
  • Marry.SG Promotion Video
  • Features
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Widgets
  • Contact Us



Facebook icon.png
Marry.SG Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/MarrySGOfficial


  • Social Media Marketing
    • Attracts attention and encourages users to share it across their social networks
    • Interaction with the people who liked the facebook page
  • Marry.SG Updates
    • Latest news on Marry.SG Application
    • Marry.SG Freebies
    • Marry.SG Giveaways
    • Upcoming Wedding Fairs in Singapore
    • Sharing of wedding tips and information from external site

Official launch: 17 March 2015
Number of Facebook Likes: 164 Likes (Up to date: 17 April 2015)


Subject Content
Official first launch of Marry.SG (beta)
Fb marketing 1.png
Marry.SG page hits more than 100 Likes (beta)
Fb marketing 2 likes.png


Marry.SG Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6N6AZgGWEy1SqB5NE_yAHg


  • Alternative online platform to promote Marry.SG

Promotion Video: Introducing Marry.SG [ https://youtu.be/MX-svSW2Bno ]


Hardcopy Marketing Media


  • Initially is for the couples that are attending Wedding Bootcamp.
  • However, the organisers of the Wedding Bootcamp didn't follow up with us. This resulted in us being unable to showcase our application during the Wedding Bootcamp.
  • After which, we made several efforts in contacting other wedding fairs asking for a chance for us to give out flyers and interact with couples.
  • Again, we either got rejected by the event organiser or the organiser didn't reply to us.
  • We eventually decided to give out the flyers to potential users in Wedding Fairs and at Raffles Place.
  • Marry.SG Flyer
    • Summarizes information of Marry.SG to explain to the wedding couples
  • Marry.SG Stickers & Promotion file
    • To be given to couples who likes Marry.SG Facebook page

Marry.SG Stickers

Marry.SG Flyer

Marry.SG Promotion File

Marry.SG Giveaways & Freebies


  • Sponsored wedding items and services from various wedding vendors
  • Sponsorship advertisement
    • Ideas is to get Marry.SG out and be viewed positively as a participating member of the wedding industry in Singapore
    • At the same time to increase both the wedding vendor and Marry.SG awareness
    • Enable to target to the suitable audiences
  • Wedding product or services are tailored to the wedding couples

Examples of Marry.SG Giveaways Design
Marrysg giveaways 1.png

This is posted on Marry.SG Facebook page on 17 April 2015. Currently has reach out to XX facebook users.

Examples of Marry.SG Freebies Design (Discover Widget)
Adv discover TheHangerArtist.png
Adv discover FlowerStory.png

Examples of Marry.SG Freebies Design (Facebook)
Adv fb TheHangerArtist.png
Adv fb FlowerStory.png

This is posted on Marry.SG Facebook page on 17 April 2015. Currently has reach out to XX facebook users.