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<span style="font-size:150%">Schedule Metrics Chart</span><br/><br/>
<span style="font-size:150%">Schedule Metrics Chart</span><br/><br/>
[[File:Schedule metrics wo last iteration.png|700px|link=]]
[[File:Schedule metrics wo last iteration.png|700px|link=]]
*<b>Iteration 11</b>  19 actual days/19 planned days
*<b>Iteration 12</b>  15 planned days/15 planned days
*<b>Iteration 13</b>  15 planned days/15 planned days
*<b>Iteration 14</b>  12 planned days/12 planned days
*<b>Iteration 15</b>  10 planned days
After Iteration 10 (Completed Iteration before Midterms), we have been able to be on target from Iteration 11 onwards.  
After Iteration 10 (Completed Iteration before Midterms), we have been able to be on target from Iteration 11 onwards.  

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About Us
Project Overview
Project Management

Banner final.png
Acceptance Midterm Final

Project Progress Summary

Icon marreo presentation.png Final Slides

Download: Marreo Final Powerpoint Slides

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Development progress:
Current Status: 98%

Just a 2% teeny bit to ensure the Wedding Planning user experience on Marry.SG is as great as it can get!

Current Iteration
Iteration 15
Poster Day Preparation
Start: 13th April 2015
End: 22th April 2015

Project Highlights

Marry.SG have been featured on Vulcan Post! Yay!
Read what they have to say about Marry.SG here:

Major Tasks

  1. Preparation for Final Presentation
  2. Further improvements of features in Marry.SG
    • From User Testing
    • From real users on live Marry.SG site

Technical Aspects

98% completion with improvements done as gather feedback from real users

Business Aspects to Reach X-Factor

  • Marketing and promotion on wedding forums, wedding fairs and via our Facebook page
  • 88 registered users as at 9th April 2015 (surpassed goal of 50)
  • Xx number of real couples planning with Marry.SG
  • The project is going smoothly. We faced a few hiccups along the way, mainly delays in 3 iterations, and have dropped some features as a result
  • Details of these delays and dropping of functionalities can be found below.

Main focus of the team after Midterms has been to market and promote Marry.SG to Singaporean couples and to try our best to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience for users on Marry.SG.

Project Management

Development Progress and Status

Development progress status finals.png

Project Schedule (Plan Vs Actual)

Planned Actual

Marreo timeline v1.jpg

Timeline v2 8-4-15.png

Project Scope (Plan Vs Actual)

Planned Actual

Old scope circle.png

New scope circle finals.png

Project Metrics

Schedule Metrics Chart

Schedule metrics wo last iteration.png After Iteration 10 (Completed Iteration before Midterms), we have been able to be on target from Iteration 11 onwards.

Project Risks

Risk Type Risk Statement Consequence Likelihood Impact Mitigation Strategy
Technical Risk Graph Paper is already live but undergoes frequent changes to the Graph Paper technology framework. These changes are made concurrently with the development of Marry.SG. 1. Functions in the Marry.SG application could become buggy.
2. Unplanned debugging time eating into tasks meant for other things during iterations. This may result in project delays.
High High 1. Communicate with client on fortnightly to keep coders updated on changes being made to Graph Paper. Alert client if time is tight and instability is causing too many setbacks. Try to work towards a solution together.
2. Have enough buffer time allocated to accommodate unplanned debugging tasks.
3. Have a set of robust test cases to ensure all possible errors and bugs can be identified.
4. Schedule stringent and frequent testing of systems during the end of all iterations to ensure that integration of new functions would not affect previously coded functions.
Operational Risk Unforeseen commitments or events of group members (E.g. Sickness, urgent family commitments, going on a holiday during term breaks, laptop not functioning) 1. Disruptions to progress
2. Project delays
Mid High 1. Review tasks and plans and make changes where possible.
2. Schedule tasks in buffer period if it is not possible to reschedule tasks to accommodate the delay.
3. Alert client if some functions cannot ready by planned time.
4. Last resort: Alert client if some functions need to be dropped.

Technical Complexity:

Card (Feature) Involved Description of Technical Complexity What is to be achieved as an end result
RSVP Card and Guest Manager Use of Web Hook to link data from two separate sources To link data from two separate canvases (data sources, one is a form and the other is a card on Graph Paper)
Wedding Day Itinerary and Contact List To export data from the two cards as a PDF document Data downloaded as a PDF
Admin Handling CSV file uploads to bootstrap data for three cards (Things to Do, Notes, Wedding Discover) via the Admin Card To bootstrap data from CSV files

Quality of product

Intermediate Deliverables:

There should be some evidence of work in progress.

Stage Specification
Project Management Project timeline
Schedule Metrics
Project Scope
Risk & Mitigation
Project Overview Description & X-Factor
Market Research
Design & Prototype
Testing User Testing
Documentation Meeting Minutes

User Testing

Marreo usertest3.png
Are we building the right product?

The tasks assigned can be found here:
Marreo User Testing 3 Task Document


Users: Married individuals
Number of User: 7
Venue: Various Place

Brief information of the married individuals

  • Marriage status:
    • 4 married men 2 married women 1 groom
  • Race:
    • 4 Indians 2 Chinese 1 Malay


  • To find pain points identified by the testers while using the application
  • To gather suggestions/feedback after using the application (unguided navigation)
  • To verify content of prepopulated information (eg. In Things to Do) and validate functions in Marry.SG

Test Result

The results gathered can be found here:
Marreo User Testing 3 Results Collation (Validation)


The double scrolling on the main page and within cards was a pain point identified by 5 out of 7 users. In order to solve that, the developers added an icon to enable and disable screen scrolling as highlighted in the first screenshot below.
The second insight was the browser capability of Marry.SG. Previously, Marry.SG was only usable on Chrome browser. However, it is not available on 3 other browsers as seen in the second screenshot below.

Follow up

Ut 3 follow ups.png

Find out more below:
User Testing


Marreo Team Reflection (1).JPG Marreo Team Reflection (2).JPG
Marreo Team Reflection (3).JPG Marreo Team Reflection (4).JPG
Marreo Team Reflection (5).JPG Marreo Team Reflection (6).JPG