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User Testing 3 Venue

  • Date: 25 March 2015
  • Venue: Sterling Training Hub

User Testing 3 Objective

  • Determine if user interface is intuitive
  • Discover usability problem which users might face

Scope of UT 3

  • Trainer's Portal
    • Upload Course Materials
    • Generate class list
    • Post Announcements for class
    • Download of documents
    • Upload grades via excel
    • Upload attendance via excel
  • Student's Portal
    • Download course materials grades
    • Upload assignments
    • Check announcements

User Testing 3 Focus Group
  • 8 Sterling Training Hub trainers/administrators
  • 20 Sterling Training Hub students

Elements UT3.png

User Testing 3 Study Tasks

Study tasks were given to the participants. These study tasks were designed to be vague as the main objective of this user testing is to test the usability of the system and not the functionality.

User Testing 3 Results

Likes Dislikes
Easy to navigate
Standard layout throughout the whole application
Simple design
Easy to learn
Switch to industry specific terms 
Able to book facility by clicking on the calendar
Change in phrasing to suit those without a good grasp of English 
Ability to hover over calendar and display information about the class 

Changes Implemented
Changes Made Remarks
Changing of terms, from "Classlist" to "Classes" Elements User Testing classlistToClasses.png
Adding of grades and attendance templates Elements User Testing gradesAttendenceTemplate.png
Removal of dashboard in trainer's portal 400px