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Functional Requirements Overview

Core Functions

Account Module

  • Participant is able to register an account using their e-mail address, a password of at least 8 characters, gender, date of birth or age group, country currently located in
  • An unique identification number will be generated for each account upon successful sign up
  • Participant is able to login using their registered e-mail address and password
  • Participant is able to update details such as e-mail address and password
  • Participant is able to avoid retyping their login credentials in the future by checking on “Remember Me”
  • Participant is allowed to deactivate its account if they wish to leave the research in-between or at the end of their participation. However, account deactivation will not result in automatic deletion of data
  • Besides Registration and Login, all other modules are only accessible after logging in
  • During account registration, a demographic survey will be prompted
  • Participant will be prompted if he/she owns a smart watch and whether he/she wants to pair it during the registration phase

Researcher Module (Web Based)

  • Researcher is able to retrieve all data collected in .csv format
  • Researcher is able to view participant’s participation record: e-mail address, programs completed, name of the program, date time started, date time concluded and ongoing program, number of random surveys completed, number of sessions completed, number of post-session surveys completed
  • Other data collected from participant should include age, gender, country of origin, heart rate
  • Researcher is able to manually delete a user account

Participant Module

Podcast Sub-module

  • Participant can view all programs available but can only sign up for 1 till he/she completes all sessions in the selected program
  • Participant can opt-out of the program before or halfway through it, but a warning message will pop up and participant will have to restart the program if he/she choose to re-attempt the program
  • Participant is able to pre-download the podcast before the session and play it later on
  • Each program consists of multiple sessions (up to 14) with 1 podcast each, ETA 10 minutes to MAX 20 minutes
  • Podcast can be pre-downloaded by participant and play it later on
  • If participant chooses to rewind the podcast, the podcast will be played from 00:00:00 and Start Time will be reset
  • Downloaded podcast will automatically be deleted upon session completion

Account Sub-module

  • Participant who uninstall/reinstall the mobile application for whatever reason will have to restart all program and sessions
  • However, if the last submitted log together with the post-session survey were submitted within 30 days, participant will be able to continue from where they left off
  • Demographic survey during account registration consist of
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Meditation History
    • Exercise Status

Refer to application mockup for detailed illustration

Post-session Survey Sub-module

  • The post-session survey will be prompted immediately after the podcast has ended
  • If the survey has not been completed yet, it will prompt again at the 30th minute mark after the podcast has ended

Random/Beeper Survey Sub-module

  • A random survey will be prompted 3 times per day to the participant on top of the post-session survey (eg. 3 random + 1 post-session survey)
  • If participant did not complete any session/podcast after starting the program, random survey will still be prompted 3 times per day
  • In addition, a pre and post-program survey will also be introduced for each program and only be prompted at the start of first session and after the last session
  • Post-session and random survey includes questions such as:
    • How difficult was it for you to stay focused during this session? (Range: Not at all, Moderate, Extremely)
    • How are you feeling right now? (Range: Very Unhappy, Neither, Very Happy) and (Range: Very Claim, Neither, Very Stressed)
    • I currently feel aware of my… … (Range: Strongly Disagree, Neutral, Strongly Agree)
      • Mental activities such as my thoughts and judgments
      • Feelings such as my emotions, moods, and likes/dislikes
      • Environment such as physical surroundings and other people
  • Participant is able to set the timing to be prompted with random surveys with at least 2-hour interval from the previous survey (eg. 9am to 6pm)
  • Participant is able to select multiple timings, eg. 9am to 11am, 1pm to 5pm, 8pm to 10pm
  • All survey uses slider for rating and an indication of eg. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 from point to point to improve user experience
  • Random survey will expire after 1 hour and will not be available to participant
  • Only 3 random surveys will be prompted to participant within the day even if participant chooses not to attempt to any
  • Based on the wake/start time and sleep/end time entered by the user, 3 blocks of equal duration will be created. A random timing will be picked within each block to prompt user with the beeper survey
  • However, a minimum of 6 hours awake time is needed for random/beeper survey as a beeper survey can only occur 2 hours after another beeper survey
  • Beeper survey should be prompted only after at least 30 minutes from the completed post session survey
  • Random/Beeper survey should be prompted at least 2 hours apart from the previously completed beeper survey.
  • However, if the participant were to complete a post-session survey in-between 2 beeper surveys, the application will compute whether there is at least 30 minutes left in the block for the next beeper survey or the sleep/end time before prompting the next beeper survey.
  • If there is less than 30 minutes left in the current block, the next beeper survey will be missed. It will then move on to the next block if there are any after the current block.
  • If the participant were to change their awake and sleep timing halfway through the day, the application will compute the 3 new blocks and check how many beeper surveys were completed. If there is still sufficient time to prompt random surveys in the remaining blocks, the change of timing and new blocks will take immediate effect.
  • Else, the change of timing will only take effect in the following day.

The term “random survey” and “beeper survey” is being used interchangeably. For the beeper/random surveys, all items except the difficulty question would be administered.

Progress & Feedback Sub-module

  • Participant will be able to view
    • Number of days taken to complete the program
    • Focus difficulty for each session
    • Mood during random/beeper survey
    • Mood during post-session survey
    • Comparison of mood between random and post-session in average throughout the entire program
    • Heart rate for each session
    • Min, Max and Avg for each session and throughout the entire program

Refer to application mockup for detailed illustration

Secondary Functions

Analytics Module

  • Participant is able review his/her progress in simplified graphical and statistical view at the end of the entire program based on the calculation metrics given
  • However, the analytics module will not be available to participant who did not complete their selected programs
  • The participant initial progress report will be displayed after each session and it consists of number of sessions completed and amount of time spent in practice
  • The end of program progress report for participant includes graphs of difficulty for each session, graphs of mood from random and post-session surveys; computed by taking the average of unhappy-happy and claim-stress, a graph of background/demographics awareness (one graph for each item) and post-session awareness

Smart Wearable Module

  • Participant is able to pair and unpair his/her Android Wear with ReFokus
  • The application will be able to monitor and collect data such as heart rate and ambient temperature, and consolidate it together with other data collected before sending it over to researcher’s server at the end of each session
  • Participant is able to use the smart watch to control functions such as play, pause and terminate session
  • Participant is able to see reminder notification for his/her schedule meditation session
  • Participant is able undergo a short tutorial guide on wearing the wearable correctly to increase the accuracy of data collection such as heart rate monitoring
  • A heart rate test will be available to participant before each session begins, showing their current heart rate. However, the reading will go off since the session begins but being monitored stealthy
  • Integrate pedometer to track participant’s health status and whether it has an impact on meditation results
  • Integrate with ambient temperature sensor to track whether participant’s surrounding plays a part in the overall result
  • Heart rate readings will be recorded down on a 30 seconds interval
  • Assuming each podcast is 10 minutes, the heart rate record for the 1st minute will be ignored (due to calibration and inaccuracy)
  • Heart rate data collected should be presented to participant in Min, Max, Avg at the end of the entire programme as detailed as for each session

Tertiary Functions

Schedule Module

  • Participant is able to schedule his/her next meditation session
  • The schedule module will produce a pop-up notification eg. 30 minutes (or any time frame the participant wish to select) before the scheduled session and remind participant to pre-download the podcast to ensure stability of the session

Good To Have Functions

Social Media Module

  • Participant is able to link/unlink their social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with ReFokus

History Module

  • Participant will be able to view his/her all her past sessions activity log at one glance
  • Participant is able to view his/her progress thus far, eg. 75% done for Beginner Program
  • Participant will also be able to view the program he/she terminated halfway, eg. 2 incomplete program

Self Practice Module

  • Participant will be allowed to practice beyond the scheduled sessions on their own without the podcast
  • Participant is able to choose a particular session from a particular program and a timer will automatic be set for his/her self practice
  • Participant should not be prompted with any form of survey during the self practice session