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Project Description Motivation Project Scope X-Factor Technologies Market Research
Project Description:

The main purpose of this project is to build a web application that can collect, verify and analyze data. The application would be developed for three different users, namely the companies who are applying for or renewing the Green Freight Label certification, assessment partners, as well as Green Freight Asia (GFA). Thus an important aspect of the application would be the implementation of data security for users to exercise different access rights when viewing the data. For instance, GFA is only able to view the aggregated data that are anonymized, while the assessment partners are able to view all information from the applicants.

The web application would be able to collect different kinds of data sets, depending on the field of business the applicants belong to. It would perform automatic data validation based on the type of GFA Label they are applying for. We would include a tracking and notification function to allow the applicants to monitor as well as be notified of on their application status. An interaction platform would be developed for the applicants to share and rate one another’s green practices as well. Subsequently, an e-mail functionality would be built into the application for the assessment partners to send any queries to the participating companies before approving the applications. If applications are approved, the web application would generate a customized certificate in soft copy format, which would be sent over to the applicants’ account for them to download. Finally, the web application would grant GFA with business analytical features – such as visualization of the aggregated data and building what-if scenarios.

Main Users of Web Application:

Users of web app.jpg