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| [[Image:bh5merchantlink.png|130px|link=http://merchant-elefork.rhcloud.com/]]
| [[Image:bh5merchantlink.png|130px|link=http://merchant-elefork.rhcloud.com/]]
| [[Image:bh5customerlink.png|130px|link=http://dg-elefork.rhcloud.com/]]
| [[Image:bh5customerlink.png|130px|link=http://dg-elefork.rhcloud.com/]]
| [[Image:bh5adminlink.png|130px|link=merchant-elefork.rhcloud.com/DingGoAdminLogin.jsp]]
| [[Image:bh5adminlink.png|130px|link=http://merchant-elefork.rhcloud.com/DingGoAdminLogin.jsp]]

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Project Progress Summary

Final Slides Merchant Customer Admin
Bh5slides.png Bh5merchantlink.png Bh5customerlink.png Bh5adminlink.png

Project Highlights


  • Teammates are doing IDP this sem, so the work load is high
  • Able to add four new functions
    • Generate PDF as voucher
    • Scan QR code to redeem
    • Search deal by keywords
    • Customer review deals

Project Challenges:

  • We need to integrate two applications - Merchant and Customer
  • Learning the new database took us quite some time
  • While number of merchants is limited, it is hard for us to gather more feedback to improve on usability of the merchant side
  • Since DingGo is a start up company, the requirements can change along time. We need to react fast to adapt the changes.

Project Achievements


Project Management

Project Timeline

Actual timeline


Planned timeline


Project Schedule Metrics




Project Bugs Metrics



Technical Complexity


Quality of Product

Project Deliverables

Stage Specification Links
Project Management Meeting Minutes Meeting Minutes
Schedule Metrics Schedule Metrics
Bug Metrics Bug Metrics
Analysis Use cases Use Case
System Architecture Architecture Diagram
ER diagram [ER Diagram]
Testing User test plan User testing


Our application focus on the usability:

  • It is mobile optimized
  • You can surf the site using any devices and any browsers

For customers:

  • user can generate PDF version of the voucher
  • customer can choose to review the restaurant and view the historical comments from other customers
  • there is quick link on deal detail page for easier searching purpose
  • share deal with friends on social media (Fackbook, WhatsApp) by one click

For merchants:

  • can choose to redeem the reservation by keying in confirmation ID or scanning QR code
  • data analysis for merchant to track the deal performance
  • can manage deal template when pushing deal and save the most useful deal template


UAT1 icon.png       UAT2 icon.png       UAT3 icon.png       UAT4 icon.png


Team Reflection

Working as a team requires everyone's efforts and responsibility. Team makes every member stronger than one individual, and at the same time, each individual contributes the team and bring a team to a new level. All for one. One for all.

Individual Reflection

Xia Xueying
Project Manager & Quality Assurance Analyst

As a project manager, I learnt the importance of good time management and resource planning. through out the project, I also learnt how to manage our stakeholders effectively and to be adaptable and realistic to changes that were presented to our team. It has also help to hone my communication skills which will be helpful for future projects. It has enabled me to approach the project from a larger perspective and to truly empathize with our sponsor's problems.
Wang Yiyi
UI Developer & Business Analyst

As a UI designer, I learned how to design and develop UI using CSS, Java Script and so on. I also learned to work closely with real users to improve usability and aesthetics of the application. Many feedbacks from users and merchants during UAT can help me develop a better UI design. Also I learned to work with team mates closely to make sure the continuity and unity of codes and UI. As the business analyst, I learned to better gather and analyse requirements from sponsor to help the team understand the sponsor’s business model and requirements.

Gao Yiming
Lead Developer & Technical Analyst

Between midterm and final, I have learned a lot about the technologies such as javascript and Jquery. Besides the technologies, I've also leaned a lot about stakeholder management, the importance of efficient communication, and the importance of user testing, as the users usually think more than us.

Cao Xinge
Backend Developer & UI Developer

From the acceptance till now, as my role changed from Back-end Developer & PM Assistant to Back-end Developer and Front-end Developer, I learnt a lot about the UI design and developing. I am more familiar with CSS and JavaScript now. As I focus more on the mobile optimization, I learn more about the how to make our web application response effectively for different kinds of devices. Moreover, as we are using the bootstrap framework, I explored on how to use different elements. In addition, the feedback from the real users gave me ideas about how to make our application more user friendly.

Zhang Jiahang
Developer & PM Assistant

From the miterm till now, I have learnt how to create pdf using itext library and how to generate QR code. Moreover, I have also got familiar with Facebook and Whatsapp web services such as share to facebook and whatsapp. Besides what have been mentioned above, I have trained my skill in directing video and creating script for pitch video and final demonstration.