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Project Description

A website that allows users to search through the database of childcare centers in Singapore. Ranking functionalities such as ratings and geolocation will be available. The site will also allow users to read, write reviews for the different childcare centers, and highlight reviews by family/friends to boost the center’s trustworthiness. tbc


In Japan, parents often have difficulty when they are looking for a suitable childcare center for their children, and they have to depend mostly on their analogue sources (asking family members or friends) for information. Abundance of information can be found on the internet, but most parents do not have to time nor skills to gather this information that are scattered all over the net.

This project aims to help parents to have a more pleasant experience when doing research for the well-being of their children, especially in a big city like Tokyo, looking for a childcare center is not as easy as it sounds due to the geographical consideration in mind.

Due to the difference in language and geographical familiarity, Bitshamon Solutions would like this early stage prototype to be in Singapore’s context, using the Singapore’s database of the childcare centers.