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| 93.33%
| 93.33%
| 50 < SM <= 90
| Thesis Review (How much time does it take to review a thesis)
| Re-estimate the tasks for the future iterations. Consume buffer days. Analyze cause of delay and make necessary corrections.
| 45 minutes
| 15 minutes
| 66.67%
| 90 < SM <= 110
| Estimates are fairy accurate, and we are roughly on track. Consider add/deduct number of days behind schedule from buffer days.
| 110 < SM <= 150
| Gross over-estimated the effort required. Re-estimate the tasks for future iterations and add number of days to buffer days.
| 150 < SM
| Immediately inform Supervisor Ben Gan about the slip within 24 hours. Then use the same mitigation as the category 110 < SM <= 150

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Test Plan


  • Gathering feedback from potential stakeholders with regards to the heuristics and design of the existing functions of the current application
  • Identify any usability issues that persist in the application
  • Improvement of our application based on the results
  • Access the level of interest for our application on real industry users

Number of Users:

  • Guy Weyns (Sponsor/Product Owner)
  • Hd. Stock Selection Committee, UBS
  • Hd. Investment Research Division, UBS

Date: 21 August 2015 – 31 August 2015
Scope of UAT2

  • Log in/Log out functionality
  • Registration functionality
  • Scenario Pricing Tree Single functionality
  • Scenario Pricing Tree Multiple functionality
  • Profitability Map functionality
  • Forecast Dispersion functionality
  • View Reports functionality

Testing Document: UAT Document 2

Procedure: A set of User Testing document was supplied to the various testers which allows for them to input various comments, feedbacks, problem faced and recommendations for Stock Parser.


  • A recommendation was made to include certain key aspects to shift the focus of the application’s display, allowing for a higher level consensus for the end users.
  • Minor tweaks to graphical displays of information for the various functionalities.
  • The users commended on the time savings brought about by the application as compared to current industry practices

The users of the application did further express their pleasure in using the application, notably stating

“The potential is immense. I am very interested in the future development of this and would love to see more.” - Hd, Equity Research Division, UBS Investment Bank
“Possibility for an online modelling platform, highlighting only essential items that can be similarly submitted and reviewed.” - Hd, Stock Selection Committee, UBS Investment Bank

Hd. Investment Review Division, UBS

How much does Stock Parser help in the following Time Taken without Stock Parser Time Taken with Stock Parser Percentage Improvement (%)
Data Retrieval (Grabbing values from Capital IQ, Factset, Bloomberg) 15 minutes 1 minute 93.33%
Thesis Review (How much time does it take to review a thesis) 45 minutes 15 minutes 66.67%