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Project Progress Summary

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Midterm Slides

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Deployed website
Trade Portal :
Trade Operations :

Development Progress

Current Progress : 75%
Current Iteration : 9
1st Oct - 14th Oct

Team faced some delay in a few iterations but made up for it by completing the last iteration in less than estimated time.

Our implementation is divided into two parts : Trade Portal for importer and exporter and Trade Operations for Issuing Bank and Advising Bank. Below is the scope of our project and the functionalities we have completed till now :

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Project Management

Project Schedule (Planned VS Actual)
Planned Actual

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In the process we needed to finish Amendment before Shipping Guarantee and Trust Receipt. The main changes are from iteration 6 onwards. Also, we had to add the payment functionality into the iteration plan.

Project Scope (Planned VS Actual)
Planned Actual

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Schedule Metrics

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Below are the reasons for high and low schedule metrics for the iterations :

Quality of Product