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'''Midterm Slides'''<br/>
'''Midterm Slides'''<br/>
Download: [[Media:A3xy_Imidtermslides.pdf | Midterm presentation]]

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Project Progress Summary

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Midterm Slides
Download: Midterm presentation

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Deployed website
Trade Portal : http://smu.tbankonline.com/SMUtBank_CIB
Trade Operations : https://smu.tbankonline.com:9443/ProcessPortal/login.jsp

Development Progress

Current Progress : 75%
Current Iteration : 9
1st Oct - 14th Oct

Team faced some delay in a few iterations but made up for it by completing the last iteration in less than estimated time. Team is confident of delivering the project on time.

Our implementation is divided into two parts : Trade Portal for importer and exporter and Trade Operations for Issuing Bank and Advising Bank. Below is the scope of our project and the functionalities we have completed till now :

A3xy midscope.png

Project Management

Iteration Tasks

A3xy midtasks.png

Project Schedule (Planned VS Actual)
Planned Actual

A3xy timeline v1.jpg

A3xy timeline.png

In the process we needed to finish Amendment before Shipping Guarantee and Trust Receipt. The main changes are from iteration 6 onwards. Also, we had to add the payment functionality into the iteration plan.

Project Scope (Planned VS Actual)
Planned Actual

A3XY Scope.png

A3XY Scope1.png

Payment Advise functionality was added and Bill Discounting functionality was omitted from the scope of the project.

Schedule Metrics

A3xy midSM.png
Iteration Completion % Planned Days Actual Days Metric Index
1 100% 14 16 87.5%
2 100% 14 15 93.33%
3 100% 14 14 100%
4 100% 14 17 82.4%
5 100% 14 9 155.6%
6 100% 14 17 82.4%
7 100% 14 15 93.3%
8 100% 14 10 140.0%

Below are the reasons for high and low schedule metrics for the iterations :

A3xy midSM1.png
A3xy midSM2.png
A3xy midSM3.png
A3xy midSM4.png

Bug Metrics

Below are the bug points distribution for each iteration:

A3xy midbug1.png

Below is the distribution of bugs based on their severity for each iteration:

A3xy midbug3.png

Iteration Bug Score Summary of Bugs Action Taken
5 13 Most of the bugs were in exposing BPM as a web service and UI improvements. Stop current development and resolve the bug immediately. Project Manager reschedules the project.
7 4 Bugs were related to parsing of XML element. The system does not need immediate fixing, could be fixed during buffer time or during coding sessions.
8 7 Errors involved UI improvements and calling of web services. Use planned debugging time in the iteration to solve the bug.
Risk Management
Risk Consequences Likelihood Impact Mitigation Strategy
Team is unfamiliar with technologies used. Project will be potentially delayed due to incorrect estimates. High High Team members will research and guide each others. Project manager will allocate more time to this task.
Delay in development due to downtime of server. Front-end and IBM BPM implementation not possible if the server is down. Low High Coordinate with the client on a regular basis to modify the schedule if required.
Failure to factor in minor coding tasks due to lack of experience. Project will be potentially delayed as these minor tasks need to be performed. Medium Medium PM has to work closely with the Back-End and front-end lead developers and bridge the gap between business process and technical components.
Technical Complexities
Feature Involved Description of Technical Complexity What is to be achieved as the end result
Web service calling from BPM. Use of SOAP request message and IBM BPM mapping to make web services call from IBM BPM. BPM can access data from the database only through web services in order to read a Letter of Credit, uploaded documents and other data.
Exposing web service through BPM. Use of undercover agent feature of IBM BPM. This is used in order to trigger the BPM process by a web service call or any action from the front-end portal.
Messaging standard web services between banks. Use of Gateway that supports both SWIFT and ISO standards. Banks have different standards for sending messages across each other. The gateway is used for sending advise and acknowledgement messages from one bank to the other.

Quality of Product

Intermediate Deliverables

There should be some evidence of work in progress.

Stage Specification
Project Management Project schedule
Schedule Metrics
Bug Metrics
Risk Management
Change Management
Project Overview Project Description
Documentation Technical Documents
Design Documents
Test Documents
Meeting Minutes
Project Documents
User Test 2

Objective : Are we building an understandable portal?

The tasks assigned can be found here: A3XY User Test 2 Plan

Users Students
Number of Users 5
Venue SMU school campus

Brief information on the participants:

  • Experienced with background in Consumer Internet Banking
  • Understand banking terms
  • Have not being exposed to the software being used (IBM BPM)


  • Students should find the BPM portal and Trade Finance portal user friendly.
  • Students should like the web interface of the portal.
  • Students should understand the process of LC Application and Document Presentation.

Feedback Collected: The feedback collected can be found here: A3XY User Test 2 Results


  • Time Spent in finishing the LC Application process (in mins)
A3xy UT2 result1.png

  • Time Spent in finishing the Document Presentation process (in mins)
A3xy UT2 result2.png

  • Did you understand the full process?
A3xy UT2 result3.png

  • Was the application easy to use?
A3xy UT2 result4.png

Key Findings:

  • Participants find the technical names confusing sometimes. They have to go back to the Trade Finance home page every time in order to recall the meaning of different terms.
  • Participants pointed out that it would be better if the URL of the document is clickable on the portal itself rather than copy pasting
  • Participants find the IBM BPM portal easy to use and straightforward with minimum clicks involved.
  • Participants liked the user interface of the Trade Finance portal.
  • 80% of the participants understood the process of LC Application and Document Presentation using this application.
  • 60% of the participants did not find the application easy to use.
  • Participants were a bit confused about the ISO and SWIFT messaging standards display.

User Test 3

Objective : Process Verification

The tasks assigned can be found here: A3XY User Test 3 Plan

Users Professors
Number of Users 2
Venue SIS MR 4.3

Brief information on the participants:

  • Experienced with background in Trade Finance
  • Work at Ngee Ann Polytechnic


  • To gather suggestions and feedback after using the application.
  • To verify content and check consistency throughout the platform.
  • To find pain points identified by the Professors while using the platform and trade portal.
  • To find out whether the platform would act as a good teaching tool or not.

Ratings of various elements of the portal

A3xy UT3 result.png


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A3xy midref2.png