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Project Info


Project Sponsor
SOZOCO is a startup that aims to disrupt the US$55 billion color cosmetics industry by using science and technology to build the tools that allow consumers to bespoke color cosmetics on demand.

Project Aim
The aim of this project is to build a revolutionary android mobile application that enables users to:

1. Connect and share pictures on a new and specialized social media platform for nail polish and nail art lovers
2. Search for any shade of color through a color wheel or slider
3. View or tag nail art and nail polish posts based on any color in the form of color tags
4. Match any color with color rules (complement, contrast & trio)
5. Pre-order personalized nail polish of any desired color to be delivered to their doorstep

A back-end admin website will also be built to allow sponsor to keep track of the preorders and display number of drops to produce the requested nail polish colors

More detailed project info can found here

Project Status

Overall Project Completion Status: 100%

Current Iteration: 12

Start Date: 23 Nov 2015
End Date: 03 Dec 2015

Team Deliverables for Current Iteration

Final Presentation

Project Milestones

Proposal Submission: 17 Jun 2015
User Testing 1: 08 Aug 2015
Acceptance Presentation: 17 Aug 2015
User Testing 2: 02 Oct 2015
Midterm Presentation: 08 Oct 2015
Poster & Video Submission: 09 Nov 2015
User Testing 3: 16 Nov 2015
Final Release: 22 Nov 2015
Final Presentation: 30 Nov 2015
Poster Day: 03 Dec 2015