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== '''Previous Version''' ==
=== '''''Previous Version''''' ===
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Government & Agencies

Singapore is one of the few countries where infrastructure breakdowns are relatively well managed. Our system will allow the Government to push this boundary further. Agencies responsible for resolving infrastructure breakdowns will greatly benefit from our system as they will be able to respond to these issues faster, as well as address the relevant users directly, increasing their KPIs.

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Sponsor: Mr Low Chin Chau

Managing Director of Zipify Pte Ltd, Mr Low is in the E-Business Consulting and Software Development industry, and has experience in cloud-based services as well as property management. With the Public Feedback Platform, he hopes to kick start a better way for people to report infrastructure breakdowns. Our system will also help him lay the foundations for his property management system.

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Residents / Public Users

Residents and public users of the system will have a new medium to voice out their concerns. The system will allow them to easily report infrastructure breakdowns, without the need to find out which agency to report to. They can also comment on what other users have reported, to spread awareness or to share more details. Each user has their own stake and with our system, we aim to address their needs by resolving their concerns as quickly as possible.

Previous Version

Stakeholders Version #1

Version 1 of the Stakeholder diagram includes the Jurong Town Council as the original intention was to work with them to get users (residents living in that area) to use our system. However, due to complications in getting them on board, they will no longer be part of our stakeholders group. Instead, Team Epsilon will reach out to public users after our App Store launch through other means such as popular public forums like HardWareZone. To encourage and attract these public users to use our system, Team Epsilon is also working with the sponsor, Mr Low to come up with incentives programmes.