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== Our Journey ==
== Our Journey ==
[[Image: Epsilon_Journey_1.png|800px]]
[[Image: Epsilon_Journey_2.png|800px]]
[[Image: Epsilon_journey_3.png|800px]]
[[Image: Epsilon_Journey_4.png|800px]]

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Our motivation for this project stems from the desire to improve the current cumbersome system of resolving infrastructure issues. To raise such issues, the public would usually have to look for the relevant authorities and describe the issues over a call. The details of these issues would be logged by the agency before they begin to resolve it. This process is troublesome and time-consuming for both parties, which discourages the public from highlighting infrastructure issues. Such notifications are also restricted to the normal working hours. In addition, this system is inefficient because a verbal description may not be enough for the agency to fully grasp the issue. For such cases, they would have to expend additional effort in order to begin resolving them.

After our mid-terms presentation, we contacted various news publications and agencies (both government like MSO, NEA, LTA, and non-government) to try out our application. Eventually, we managed to meet up with Ramky, one of the sub-contractors working under NEA in-charge of cleaning parts of Singapore. While they found our app useful (especially for their own private use), the fact that MSO already has plans to release a similar app soon, and that they are under the government’s contract, means our app will not be their priority, but only an alternative means of reporting just like phone call and email.

Though we were unable to garner any commitment from agencies, we realized that there are users interested in voicing out their concerns about infrastructure/ cleanliness issues. As such, we decided to focus on the needs of these users and modified our application accordingly. This change in focus has been approved by both our sponsor, Mr. Low Chin Chau and supervisor, Mr. Chris Boesch. Note that while our target audience has changed, we would still be delivering the functions that we promised our sponsor.

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Our Journey

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