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Project Progress Summary

Team ‘OnePiece” is formed in December 2013 and developed our prototype while taking Interaction Design and Prototyping module. Since June 2014, our team have gone through 7 iterations of planning, designing, developing, testing, debugging and deploying our application. Throughout this journey we have faced unexpected challenges in terms of technical as well as project management which caused disturbance in completing the tasks on time. These challenges allow us to work on our differences and improve ourselves as individual as well as a team. We are confident that we can complete the project as we scheduled.

  • Midterm slides: [[Media:| Midterm Presentation Slides]]
  • Deployed site link:

Project Highlights:

  • Team members are busy with other school works and events such as career recruitment talk, Vivacae and job application
  • Text Editor technical complexity is more sophisticated than expected and take longer.
  • Change Log Table

Project Management

Project Status:

Project Schedule (Plan Vs Actual):

Project Metrics:

Project Risks:

Technical Complexity:

Quality of product

Intermediate Deliverables:




Team Reflection:

Supervisor Reflection: