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Primary Functions

  • Manage Test parameters
    • To provide a user interface for the user to enter his/her desired parameters (e.g. Length of simulation, Targeted service level) to be used for the simulation run and to upload a data file containing the historical arrival rate of the emergency department at different day and different hour of the day.
  • Manage General Simulation Settings
    • To provide a user interface for the user to enter his/her desired setting to be used for the simulation run. E.g. Percentage of patient to go through treatment, Type of treatment that can be ordered during the simulation and the respective probability of treatment result (% of all clear, % of mild problem, % of serious result).
  • Simulation - Run without animation
    • Running the Simulation without animation would cause the simulation to run in the background. User to have the option to view a playback of the visualization of patient movement after the simulation has ended.
  • Simulation - Run with animation
    • Running in animation mode allow the user to view the current state of the simulation, with the movement of the patient in the emergency department.
  • Simulation (Speed Management)
    • To allow the user to control the speed of the simulation as the simulation is running. User can choose from 4 different speeds (default, x2, x3, x4).
  • Length of Stay Bar and Pie Charts
    • Charts within the reporting function to display the Length of Stay of patients in the Emergency Department showing the overall average, 70th and the 90th percentile
  • Entrant/Re-entrant Bar Chart
    • Charts within the reporting function to display a clear view of the number of entrant and re-entrant patients within the Emergency Department
  • Room Utilization Gauge Chart
    • Charts within the reporting function to display the utilization levels of the rooms in the Emergency department
  • Starvation Index Report
    • A report within the reporting function to show the level of starvation patients go through in the simulation run
  • Login
    • A function that allows users, primarily the Admin User to login to the system and access admin functionalities. Users will need to be validated by the admin to be able to login

  • Secondary Functions

  • Playback function
    • This is where users can view a visualized animation of the report once a simulation has been run (without animation). User will be able to go to a specific time in the visualized simulation run to view.
  • User Management (Admin)
    • Function that allows the admin user to manage users access for them tp use and login to the system
  • Treatment Configuration (Admin)
    • Function that allows the admin user to add and delete the different treatments in the simulation
  • Data table view of text file
    • Function that allows user fill into a table form instead of uploading a .txt file
  • Run all strategies-comparison report
    • Function that will display a weighted score of the KPIs retrieved from the simulation runs of all strategies. Function will act as an add-on to the current reports page.

  • Additional Functions

  • Fvaourites
    • Function will allow user to save his/her setting onto the system for repeated use in the future.
  • Export simulation data
    • This will allow user to export simulation data for analysis purposes

Project Scope(Acceptance)