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Our 1st User Test - Usability Testing

Feedbacks from the testers:
  • Avoid the usage technical jargon such as "Snapshot Name", "Doctor's Service Rate" etc. It makes the term difficult to understand. Express those term using layman term instead such as substituting "Doctor's Service Rate" with "No. of patient served by doctor in an hour".
  • Avoid providing free text option for the entering of treatment procedure. This is to minimize entry errors / multiple entry names for same treatment. A better option is to provide a drop-down-list of the previously entered name.
  • Avoid having the side-scroll for the main simulation page.
  • Buttons on the page should provide the user a clear understanding of how to proceed. "Proceed to simulation" on the setting page was not clear enough as the mental model of a user would be expecting to have a "Save" button somewhere.
  • Give user the flexibility they required. "Delete row" on the setting page can only delete the last row. This greatly reduce the flexibility and control of the user they should possess.
  • Unable to differentiate re-entrant patient with first-entry patient.
Tester 1: Faculty Instructor - Koh Lian Chee!
Tester 1 : Faculty Instructor - Koh Lian Chee!
Tester 2: Sponsor - Tan Kar Way!
Tester 2 : Sponsor - Tan Kar Way!