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[[Media:ChocoMidtermPresentatio.pdf|[Midterm Presentation]]],[[Media:ChocoMidtermMinutes_07Oct2014.pdf|[Feedbacks]]]
[[Media:ChocoMidtermPresentatio.pdf|[Midterm Presentation]]],[[Media:ChocoMidtermMinutes_07Oct2014.pdf|[Feedbacks]]]
! Finals Presentation
| <center></center>

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Meeting Minutes

[1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10] [11], [12], [13]

Supervisor Meeting Minutes

[1], [2], [3-Acceptance], [4], [5], [6], [7], [7], [9], [10], [11], [12]

Client Meeting Minutes

[1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6]

Acceptance Presentation

[Presentation], [Feedback]

Test Documents for:

[SMUSA Finance Secretary], [SMUSA Secretary], [SMUSA President]

Test Documents for:

[SMUSA Finance Secretary], [SMUSA Secretary], [SMUSA President]
[CBd Finance Secretary], [CBd MC], [CBd President]
[Club Finance Secretary], [Normal], [Club President]
Briefing Slides with Process Flow Charts:



Midterm Presentation

[Midterm Presentation],[Feedbacks]

Finals Presentation



Use Cases

Use Case Diagram (Color code).jpg
Electronic bookkeeping Users will be able to track all transactions on their expenditure accounts and reserve accounts.
Claims management Depending on user privileges, users will be able to create, edit, submit, approve, reject and endorse claims from their expenditure accounts.

Finance secretaries will be able to claim outside their budget if clubs have revenue.
All users will be able to track the statuses of their claims.

Funds management Finance secretaries will be able to transfer funds from one account to another and will be able to request for withdrawal of funds from the reserves account.

They can also deposit funds into their accounts.

Budgeting tool Club finance secretaries will be able to propose and submit budgets during the budgeting cycle. CBd finance secretaries and the SMUSA finance secretary will be able to review, edit and approve the budgets.
Allocation & pullback of funds The finance secretary of SMUSA will be able to allocate funds into the expenditure accounts of all student clubs at the start of budgeting terms. At the end of budgeting terms, they can initiate the pullback of unutilized budget into the reserve accounts. The formula for pullback can be modified by the finance secretary of SMUSA.
Vendor Recommendation Users will build AIS's Vendor Database when they make payment claims to vendors. Ratings will be used to help users find vendors for events in the future. Constant updating of the reviews by different users ensure that the vendors are continuously re-rated and that the database will be able to recommend the most trustworthy vendors when called upon.
Additional features Sensitive financial data will be encrypted.
Additional features e-Receipt as a part of AIS allows users to give receipts to students/buyers when organizing events. Paperless and easy to store, distribute and submit, these e-Receipts aims to help improve efficiency.

Architecture Diagram


Architecture Diagram for AIS:
3 Main Tiers - Client, Server and Data

1 Layer
Client Layer accessible through Browsers

2 Layers, 1 Cross-Cutting Layer
Presentation Layer has the UI components and the Client Side Logic/Validations.
Business Layer has the Business Logics, we used Ruby on Rails for our programming. This layer also communicates with the email server to perform some of the functions.
We also applied the MVC Framework: Model & Controllers are in the Business Layer while View is in the Presentation Layer.
The Application is hosted on AWS EC2.

MySQL Database with InnoDB engine on AWS RDS

System Diagram

User Rights Table

Functions \ User Type Normal student Normal student with club CBd Management Committee Member Club finance secretary CBD Finance Secretary SMUSA Secretary Club/CBD President SMUSA Finance secretary
Register for club
Accept/decline user requests to join club
Add/delete club members
Add/delete club finance secretaries
Add/delete CBD finance secretaries
Add/delete SMUSA secretaries
Add/delete CBD MC members
Register a club
Delete a club
Create new claim
Edit claims
Submit claims
Reject claims
Endorse claims
Change claim status
View expenditure account
View reserve account
Edit account balance
Allocate funds to accounts
Pullback funds from accounts
Change reserves limit
Inject funds into SAC reserves
Change formulas for transaction calculations
Transfer funds
Deposit revenue
Propose/submit budget
View/edit budget


Below are the screenshots of our UI Mock up. Clockwise from left: Home screen layout, Claims application form page, Form fields-verification.

Below are the wireframes for pages in general and sign in, sign up, resend confirmation pages.



Below are the workflow diagrams of our processes for the Normal Club Claim Process, the CBd MC Claim and the SMUSA Secretary Claim Processes.

Normal Club Claim


CBd MC Claim


SMUSA Secretary Claim




Budgeting is done twice in every academic year. There are 4 main actors involved, the SMUSA Finance Secretary, the SMUSA Secretaries, the CBd Finance Secretaries and lastly the Club Finance Secretaries.

Before the start of the term, student organisations will need to propose the events that they would be organising and justify the amount of money that they would require from SMUSA. To start the Budgeting Process, the SMUSA Finance Secretary will open up the budget editing period and set a deadline. SMUSA Secretaries will propose for their respective departments while the rest of the Finance Secretaries will propose for their respective organisation. When the deadline is due, the SMUSA Finance Secretary locks the editing function to prepare for discussion with the CBd Finance Secretaries.

As budget is limited, intense discussion and careful allocation is essential in ensuring each club gets a deserving portion of the budget for their clubs.

Payment to Club




Accounting Information System: Functions comparison

SN Features uClaim Dj Jay Chocolicious
1. User Process
  1. Add new User
  2. Update User
  3. Delete User
  1. Clubs, CBDs, Fin, Secs, OFIN
  1. Grant all roles to user
  2. Grant FIN SEC roles to user
  3. Grant President roles to user
2. CCA Process
  1. Add new CCA
  2. Update CCA
  3. Delete CCA
  4. Track activities(every activities done by user will be logged and admin can search / view all activities)
  1. Register new club
3. Budget Process
  1. Assign Budget
  2. Amend Budget
  1. Approve budget figures
  1. Submit budget
  2. Propose CBD budget
  3. Edit club budget
  4. View club budget
4. Claims Process
  1. Create claim
  2. Claim Request Approval
  3. Deposit Cash
  4. Reject Claim / Deposit Cash Request / Advance Cash
  5. Update Claim /Deposit Cash Request / Advance Cash
  6. Archive Claim / Deposit Cash Request / Advance Cash
  7. Quotation
  1. Submission of Claims
  2. Monitoring claim statuses
  1. Create claim
  2. Claim Request Approval
  3. Deposit revenue
  4. Reject Claim
  5. Edit Claim / status of claims / Claim Request
  6. View Claims / status of claims /Claim Request
  7. Edit and resubmit rejected claims
  8. Submit claim
  9. Print accepted claims and endorse
5. Reporting Process
  1. Generate Expenditure Report
  2. Generate Utilization Report
  3. Generate Annex B Report (consists of income & expenses of every club)
  1. Generate Real Time Report & Key Statistical Figures
  1. View charts / graph / reports
6. Asset Process
  1. Generate Asset Listing Report (consist of permanent assets which club keeps after purchases)
  1. Monitoring of Assets purchased
7. Events Process
  1. Opening & Closing of events
8. Accounts Process
  1. View expenditure / reserve accounts of club
  2. View CBD accounts
  3. View Club account under CBD
  4. View all transactions
9. Funds Process
  1. Transfer funds
  2. Inject funds to SAC reserves
  3. Pullback of funds
  4. Change formula for pullback
  5. Allocate funds to all clubs
  6. Request reserves withdrawal
  7. Approve reserves withdrawal
  8. Approve change reserves limit