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Project Progress

Iteration 13 Start End

Final Presentation
25 Nov 2014

Poster Day
3 Dec 2014

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Project Description

This service portal will serve the accounting purposes of the many student clubs and societies, such as managing their club funds accounts, propose budgets or submit and track claims.

Each year, there are 2 budgeting cycles and currently, club funds are allocated arbitrarily and there is often poor utilization of budgeted funds. This is caused by the fact that there is no unified approach to bookkeeping and the large number of student clubs makes tracking difficult. The current claims process is convoluted and students have found that the process is too long; causing much unhappiness as students often have to fork out their own money which may amount to thousands. There is also no direct way to track the progress of the claim request.

The new system will bring all clubs’ accounts together and include tools such as report generation as well as an analytics dashboard.

In doing so, SMUSA will be able to more efficiently allocate budgets to the clubs and students will know the status of their claims. The unified approach to bookkeeping will also simplify audit efforts and eliminate current problems like irreconcilable account balances.

We also aim to eliminate the underutilization of budgeted funds. This system will affect all SMU students who are involved in school clubs, especially students with leadership positions.


Project Development Resources
Ruby | Bootstrap 3 | JQuery 2 | Rails | Bootply | Draw.io | Aptana 3 | Bootstrap Validator | AWS SDK for Ruby | Twitter Bootstrap Gem

Project Management Tools
Team Viewer | Google Drive | Dropbox | Draw.io

Resources Details
Design Tool Draw.io
Collaborative Tools Team Viewer, Google Drive, Dropbox
Prototyping Bootply
Server Amazon Web Service (AWS)
Server Environment Linux OS running Ruby on Rails
Database MySQL 5.6.17
Programming Language Ruby
Development Framework Ruby on Rails
Development Methodology MVC (Model, View, Controller)
Web Interface Framework Bootstrap 3
Javascript Framework jQuery 2
IDE Aptana 3
Form Validation Bootstrap Validator
Libraries/Packages AWS SDK for Ruby
Twitter Bootstrap Gem


AIS is now Live!

As of 7 Nov 2014, AIS has gone Live and the incoming batch of Finance Secretaries have begun using the system for their budget proposal. Going live is a beginning of the project for replacing the old manual system of accounting management. To ensure full implementation of the AIS, the team has taken time off to cater for trainings, such as on 7th November, for users to familiarize with the system faster and start using it. SMUSA and the team have also agreed on allocating time for training in the upcoming Leadership Symposium 2014: Cornerstones in Leadership, for incoming student leaders. A maintenance plan has also been drafted out for future developments and maintenance. It is not just about going live, but also ensuring that the system is used and preparing for post-FYP, our team hopes to truly value add to our client's project and plans.

Online Tutorial

Guided tutorials on usage of functions made with Camtasia are made available on the Accounting Information System. Students will be able to learn how to use the system at their own pace.


Supervisor Prof Youngsoo KIM
Sponsor Mr WONG Yew Tong, Associate Director (Student Leadership) of the Office of Student Life (OSL), SMU
Project Liaison for Functional Requirements Mr. Balakrishnan Jagadesh, Vice President of the 14th SMU Students’ Association(SMUSA), SMU
End Users All finance secretaries in SMU

Learning Outcomes


Biggest advantage of working for a school project would be being able to work very closely with our client, communication and discussions are much easier when we are in doubt. Working with a group of highly differentiated individuals, we have come to learn about each other’s working style and are be able to work under pressures. With a common goal in mind, our team has grown up and able to improve upon constructive criticisms and deliver a “good job” product. We are glad to be able to deliver a product that satisfies our client.

This project has given me a snippet of how a real world business-IT project is going to be like and I am glad to be given opportunity to such exposure. Besides technical skills, the main take away of this 6 months period is the growth of my personal skills. It has been challenging to work so closely with a team of highly differentiated individuals, with different working styles. Besides, I learnt to understand my team members and communicate with them in a more effective way. Every milestone throughout the project has taught me different lessons such as to be more sensitive to others and to be forward-looking. I really enjoyed working with my team and I have learnt so much from them!

These seven months has been very enriching and I am glad to be part of Chocolicious. Throughout this journey, I have picked up many invaluable skills. Taking up the role of Lead UI half way through was an opportunity that allowed me to explore more in webpage designs and the current trends. Through this project, I am glad I have learnt to be more responsive to the feedbacks given by our clients and have become more flexible to the changes made along the way. Even though it was difficult, the learning process with my fellow teammates was truly enjoyable.

FYP has definitely put all the skills that I acquired through the years into a test. All of us worked around our differences and learned to accommodate each other to make things work. I have learnt how to manage the different stakeholder's expectations and interests by giving constant updates and meet ups to keep everyone in check. Along the way, I also learnt how to communicate and negotiate with our stakeholder so that a quality product could confidently be delivered after a short span of six months.

These seven months have not been easy for Chocolicious and I am glad that all of us have learnt so much along the way. It was definitely one of the most valuable experiences I have gained in SMU. From conflict management to better time management, I felt that I have developed on a whole to become a better team player and a more capable individual. My biggest takeaway will be the project management skill as managing such heavy module during school term was difficult. I have observed and learnt the different strengths of each our teammate. This journey with Chocolicious was a fulfilling one.

Looking back from where we started, we have come a long way. It’s not just the technical skills that we have acquired that are valuable but also how we worked around and overcome each challenge and set back together as a team. Other than learning and understand about each team members, it also allowed me to learn how to be a good team player and to strive together to achieve a common goal. I have learnt to understand the business perspective of a system as well as the limitations of our skillets. Also, my teammates and I have created many fond memories together and I am truly thankful for each of them.