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Functional Requirements

Communication Functions

1.Broadcast text, image and audio message within 200 meters proximity;

2.Consume text, image and audio message within 200 meters proximity;

3.Send text,image and audio message;

4.Receive text,image and audio message;

5.Take photo;

6.Select photo from local album and preview photo;

7.Record audio;

8.Get and update location.

User Interactive Functions

1.Login and Logout;

2.User Registration;

3.User Authentication;

3.Add friends;

4.Delete friends;

5.Accept friends' request;

6.Reject friends' request;

7.Edit user profile;

8.Like/Dislike other users.

Non-functional Requirements

1.Security objective:

2.Messages will be expired after 1 minute.

User Interface

1 Login.png Register-1.png 3 Home.png
Login Rgistration Wall Page
4 MyProfile.png 5 FriendList.png 6 Chat.png
My Profile Friend List One to One Chatting
7 Message T.png 7 Message I.png 7 Message V.png
Notification Board Image Message Drag to Refresh