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Use Case Diagram

UseCase Genshyft Diagram.png

Component Diagram


There are two current existing systems: Tournament and Practice. Tournament comprises of our client’s existing codes for individual tournaments. The team will be adding on top of this component with our Group Tournament. Group Tournaments can be accessed by Open Tournament interface that is available on the Tournaments page. Additionally, Live Ranking will be depending on Group Tournament as it would display the ranking of members belonging to which group and also, Automatic Mentor Assignment will be displayed on this page too. Players who have completed the round first will be assigned to another player who is struggling to complete the round hence Automatic Mentor Assignment would have to depend on Live Ranking to know which player is assigned to who.

Practice component, as mentioned, is an existing module. Web development games are similar to the existing to practice games for Python, Javascript, Java except our team will be adding on 2 more modules for AngularJS and HTML. Mastery Based Coaching (MB Coaching) would also need to depend on Practice since the different coaches represent different difficulty levels. Moreover, this feature is enabled when user wants to improve their performance for certain questions they have already attempted with a coach encouraging by the side.

Map will be displaying information about the number of students at respective institutions participating in SingPath, location of the institutions and such information which can only be retrieved from Registration. Map can be accessed through Register School interface that will bring the user to the Registration page.

Purpose Driven and Easy Web Prototype will not be depending on any existing components.

All the components depend on JSON REST Web service

Tournament Data Structure

Genshyft Current SingPath Tournament API.png

State Diagram for Mastery Based Coaching

Genshyft Mastery Based Coaching User State 2.jpg

State Diagram for Purpose Driven: User

Genshyft Purpose Driven User State.jpg

State Diagram for Purpose Driven: Admin

Genshyft Purpose Driven Admin State.jpg

Deployment Process

Download the PDF version to see a clearer picture


System Architecture Diagram