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|[[Image:GENShYFT_UT1_1.jpg|thumb|200px|First Pic]]
|[[Image:GENShYFT_UT1_1.jpg|thumb|300px|Participant Mavis]]
|[[Image:GENShYFT_UT1_2.jpg|thumb|250px|Second Pic]]
|[[Image:GENShYFT_UT1_2.jpg|thumb|300px|Participant Yiling]]
|[[Image:GENShYFT_UT1_3.jpg|thumb|200px|Third Pic]]
|[[Image:GENShYFT_UT1_3.jpg|thumb|300px|Participant Sihui]]
|[[Image:GENShYFT_UT1_4.jpg|thumb|200px|Fourth Pic]]
|[[Image:GENShYFT_UT1_4.jpg|thumb|300px|Participant Nicole]]
|[[Image:GENShYFT_UT1_5.jpg|thumb|300px|Participant Malique]]

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