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User Test 3: Changes to be Made

Changes to be made Status
Category Filtering Completed
Facebook login Completed
Unfavourite Squib Completed
Show Credits earned after viewing a squib for 10 seconds Completed
Standardise size/center-ing of squibs Completed
Change "Take part now" to "Edit" Completed
Put change password into a different section Completed
Change appearance of account details so users do not have the misconception it is editable Completed
Add arrow/movement of squib to show people "swiping" works Completed
List from latest squib rather than earliest for view history Completed
View history should list all squibs every filled, even those viewed for less than 10 seconds Completed
Change tutorial to a step by step rather than automatic run through tour Completed
Picture zoom function Completed
  • Previously Planned = These functions have already been planned in the schedule
  • Scheduled = These functions are to be added into the schedule

User Test 3: Consolidated Results

General User Profile

Our 10 testers were potential users of SQKII's user platform.

User Demographic

Name Age Gender Phone Model Location of Test Duration Facilitator
Teryne Ichige 20 Female iPhone 5s SMU Library 13min Agurz
Gillian Lee 21 Female TBA SMU Library 30min Rafael
Freda Tan 22 Female iPad Air SMU Library 17min Agurz
Jobina Soh 23 Female iPhone 5 Tampines Mall MacDonalds 30min Nicholas
Xiang Hong 23 Female iPhone 5 Tampines Mall MacDonalds 40min Nicholas
Sheng Hui 23 Female Sheng Hui's House 20 min Rafael
Su Leng 24 Female Android UPL 30min Nicholas
Xue Ling 24 Female iPhone 4s (Chrome) UPL 30 min Nicholas
Karen Tay 24 Female TBA Karen's House 30 min Rafael
Marcus Tan 21 Male iPhone 5 SMU Library 26min Agurz
Ong Si Hao 21 Male Samsung Note 2 SMU Library 40min Agurz
Phileas Sum 23 Male iPhone 4s Pick & Bite 30min Nicholas
Marcus Toh 25 Male Marcus's Home 20min Rafael
Benjamin Cher 25 Male Mac Laptop Benjamin's Home 30min Denise
Aaron Tan 27 Male iPad Mini Pick & Bite 30min Nicholas

Quantitative Responses

These are the consolidated findings from our User Test with our closed beta launch users:


DrJean UT3Results Pre1.png DrJean UT3Results Pre2.png
DrJean UT3Results Pre3.png DrJean UT3Results Pre4.png

Task Instructions

DrJean UT3Results TaskInstructions1.png
DrJean UT3Results TaskInstructions2.png


DrJean UT3Results Post1.png
DrJean UT3Results Post2.png DrJean UT3Results Post3.png
DrJean UT3Results Post4.png DrJean UT3Results Post5.png

For the individual breakdown, do download our detailed results below.

Qualitative Feedback


  • Register page not clear - where should i input the code?
  • Users were conflicted about login - some people felt that the login was simple whereas others were confused
  • Login and sign up screen should be separate
  • Unsure of how to create an account with only given a code with no email whatsoever
  • Might want to incorporate a 'remember user' function
  • Did not know how to edit the fields, "take part now" button not intuitive
  • User was confused by password option when first accessing account details
  • Suggestion given to put change password in another section
  • Input box appearance gives users the impression that the fields in it can be changed/entered
  • Clearer instructions on updating information is needed
  • Credit given for viewing squib should be bigger, if it is at the top right hand corner, users might miss it
  • User unsure of how much credits are distributed for each ad
  • Would like a status log which list down all the credits earned for the day
  • Have a menu for easy navigation, otherwise users have to always go back to homepage first
  • Clicking on "next squib" easier and cleaner but less intuitive, must scroll down
  • Suggest adding an arrow for swiping/for the picture to move to allow users to see the squibs are being 'swiped'
  • Some squibs too large/not standardised to fit into user's screen
  • Starting with latest viewed squib for view history might be more intuitive, in addition to date and time indicator
  • Not all squibs recorded in view history even though it says "list all"
  • Logout button visually different from the others, one user took awhile to locate it
  • One user felt that the web version of the application is a bit empty and resembles the mobile version too much
  • Notifications might not be easy to locate - just that bell icon
  • Aesthetically appealing, UI is easy to navigate and understand (has the Google Design feel)
  • Timer bar was well thought of for users to determine if they have successfully captured the advertisement


  • Could have a Facebook login
  • Tour is too fast, users would prefer an interactive swipe tutorial
  • Swiping does not always work for all users, some experience a lag, others are completely unable to swipe (Chrome on iPhone 4s)
  • Many users requested for a Unfavourite squib option
  • Request for breakdown of history of credits would be useful (a log of last 20 viewed squibs)
  • Request for search history function
  • Might need category filtering to organise Favourites
  • All users wanted category filtering for various functions (view squib/history/favourites)
  • Users requested for a zoom function for pictures
  • Users wanted a comment/review function for squibs/deals
  • Users recommended implementing redemption functions for either purchasing products from the merchant's website or coupons
  • Users suggested working with merchants to show promotional contests on the app in order to enjoy discounts


  • Users felt that for some advertisers, more details was needed in the description, such as address, operating hours, contact number
  • Some users wanted more details to make the app a "one-stop solution" where they can check terms and conditions as well
  • One user suggested having other languages - in particular Chinese
  • Users suggested classifying deals according to latest/most popular/last chance
  • Some users felt that 10 seconds was too long but generally users felt that 10 seconds was a good threshold for earning credits
  • Users liked that account details has a simple format - omits need for additional info such as birthday, etc.
  • Users liked the concept of earning money looking at advertisements
  • Users felt that the app is a great avenue to know about offers (and earn money) - kills two birds with one stone

Detailed Results

Download our detailed results here!

User Test 3: what does it all mean?

  • It is good to see that our users agree with the UI and find it generally easy to navigate and learn to user
  • We have also noted the discrepancies where things get confusing for users and are making plans to make it better for them
  • It is also fantastic to see users requesting for more functions - showing that they are invested in the app, that they are asking us to further improve this application for them to make it even more appealing to them and keep them coming back to it.
  • Looking at the task instructions results of UT2 and UT3, we can see marked improvement in the UI, users ratings of how easy it is to use the app have gone up and generally lie in the Strongly Agree/Agree ranges now rather than scattered all over the place (aside from view squib for 10 seconds as some users had difficulty swiping)
  • 47% of users also rated saying they would use Sqkii at least once a day. All 15 test users said they would use the app at least 2-3 times a week, which sets a good forecast for our application.
  • We hear our users, everyone is requesting for a category filtering function, which we have put in the works