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User Test 2: Changes to be Made

Changes to be made Status
Split Registration and Login page Completed
Change editing gender option to radio/dropdown Completed
Change those fields that should be un-editable in Edit Account to print out instead of in textarea Completed
Fix UI problem for first user login where no credits are shown to be credited after viewing squib (but logged in DB) Completed
To add tutorial for view squib so users know where the time bar and view next squib button is Completed
To add a cash out confirmation popup/page Completed
To include the credit to cash conversion rate Completed
View Squib History to center/blow up smaller squibs all to a standard size Completed
To shift the log out button higher so its easily visible to the user without scrolling Completed
To change the arrangement of icons on homepage to group cashout with my cashouts and view squib with view history Completed
To also have favourite in view squib instead of just view squib history Completed

User Test 2: Consolidated Results

General User Profile

Our 10 testers were potential users of SQKII's user platform.

User Demographic

Name Age Gender Phone Model Location of Test Duration Facilitator
Daphne 19 Female iPhone 5s Denise's Home 20min Denise
Brenda 20 Female Samsung Galaxy S3 SMU Library TBA Agurz
Cherilyn 20 Female iPhone 4 SMU Library TBA Agurz
Rachel 21 Female Samsung Galaxy S3 SMU Library TBA Agurz
Darryl 17 Male Sony Experia Z Denise's House 25 min Denise
Yi Yuan 19 Male iPhone 4s Rafael's House 20 min Rafael
Yi Jun 21 Male iPhone 5s Rafael's House 15 min Rafael
Desmond 23 Male Samsung Galaxy S3 SMU Library TBA Agurz
Benjamin 24 Male Samsung Galaxy S3 TBA TBA Nicholas
Sherman 24 Male iPhone 4s SIS Level 3 Benches TBA Nicholas

Quantitative Responses

These are the consolidated findings from our User Test with our users:


DrJean UT2 Pre1.png DrJean UT2 Pre2.png
DrJean UT2 Pre3.png DrJean UT2 Pre4.png

Task Instructions

DrJean UT2 TaskInstructions1.png
DrJean UT2 TaskInstructions2.png


DrJean UT2 Post1.png DrJean UT2 Post2.png
DrJean UT2 Post3.png DrJean UT2 Post4.png

For the individual breakdown, do download our detailed results below.

Qualitative Feedback


  • Users felt that the UI was clean, easy on the eyes and intuitive, they picked it up easily
  • Users love the minimalist feel of the app
  • They felt that we should have separated the user login and registration pages
  • They were unsure about the location of the timer bar and requested for it to be included in the tutorial
  • Users were slightly confused during edit account when some of the other un-editable fields were placed in text areas
  • Users wanted to see more details on the cashout to dollar conversion
  • Users felt that the register and the login page should be split
  • Users preferred having notifications right at the top of the screen
  • Users liked that ads were shown without clutter


  • They loved the lucky box and scratch card function
  • They also requested a favourite and category filter function
  • Users wanted predictive, targeted advertising
  • Users wanted an FAQ
  • Users wanted to be able to filter the advertisements by time in the history function
  • Users wanted a filter and clear their history function
  • They wanted notification for new adverts in categories they are interested in


  • Users wanted to know if we were going to incorporate some kind of follow up action after viewing squibs
  • One user doubted the authenticity of the cash for viewing ads concept
  • One user felt that the concept of earning money is good but it might overshadow the primary purpose of viewing advertisements
  • A minority of users disagreed with the 10 seconds timing, one said that it depends on the amount of information on the ad
  • Users wanted more rewards like rewards for sharing ads on squibs
  • They wanted to be able to purchase the item/coupon straight away off the platform
  • One user had the concern regarding the fact that Paypal charges a transaction fee for withdrawing money from the account

Detailed Results

Download our detailed results here!

User Test 2: what does it all mean?

  • We have done good with the UI for the user, all our users have listed the clean, easy to understand UI is one of the two things they like best about the application
  • We have already been discussing the possibility of follow up actions after viewing ads on the platform for awhile, we are still in talks with the SQKII team
  • We have planned to tweak the minor issues with UI and terminology as listed above
  • It is nice to have users already clamouring to sign up for our closed beta test, and we definitely understand the concerns regarding the authenticity of cash for viewing ads, which we believe we can only prove users wrong over time