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|SMS Notification ||For SMS, users would receive information such as venue, time and other details about the presentation  
|SMS Notification ||Users will be able to receive SMS reminder regarding their presentation. Information such as venue, time and other details about the presentation will be included in the SMS
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Priority Circle

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Project Scope

Module Function Description
CORE Single-Sign On Single-Sign On SIS students and faculty members who are currently involving in IS480 projects can logon to the scheduling system using their SMU password and IDs. This would make it easier for students to log on and remove the need of having an additional set of IDs and passwords to manage for login
Role Switching IS480 course coordinator has the flexibility to switch to supervisor/reviewer role to perform supervisor/reviewer task if he wishes to.
Manage Schedule Create Schedule The course coordinator and admin are to create the course schedule before every academic term. The schedule consists of a collection of timeslots for the acceptance, midterm and final presentations.
View Schedule Anybody (with the access rights) who is interested to view the present or past IS480 team’s schedule can log on to the site to access this information. Upon logon, the user gets access to the schedule for that particular term and is able to view all the time slots and bookings
Edit Schedule Once the schedule has been created, the course coordinator will have the option to edit the time slots that he is free in. The course coordinator can remove a certain time slot as long as no team has chosen that for their presentation. These changes would reflect instantly on the term once they have been confirmed
Archive Schedule The admin and course coordinator can remove an existing schedule for a semester from public view by archive it.
Manage Booking Create Booking When creating a booking, only one team member can make a booking on behalf of his team at a given time. This request will be sent directly to the team’s respective supervisors and reviewers for approval/rejection
View Booking Users are able to access a particular booking on the schedule to get details such as venue of presentation, attendees, time of presentation, presenting team’s information
Edit Booking The admin and course coordinator can update the details of the booking such as the venue, attendees etc
Delete Booking Teams have to drop their confirmed booking if they would like to make a new one or update their current one. If a team deletes a booking, that will automatically become available to other teams. This ensures that there is only one booking per team at any given time
Approve/Reject Booking/Revoke response Once a proposed booking is sent to a team’s respective supervisor and reviewers, they are able to approve or reject the booking according to their availability. In the event the supervisor or reviewer rejects the booking, the team will be notified and would have to make another booking. The booking is confirmed only when the supervisor and reviewers approve it. A proposed booking has to be approved/rejected by the supervisor and reviewers within a specific duration set by the admin, otherwise the booking would be automatically deleted and the team will be notified to propose a new one. Lastly, if supervisor/reviewers have last minute meetings or they click accept accidentally, they still can change their responses by revoking it. Team will get notified if their supervisor/reviewers change their responses
Supervisor Availability Supervisor Availability Once a new term is created by the course coordinator, supervisor/reviewer can go into the system to mark their free slots so that teams can book the presentation based on supervisor/reviewer's availability stated on the system
Manage Milestone Configuration Manage Milestone Configuration Admin is able to create new default milestone, set required attendees for presentations, and set the duration for presentation
TA sign up for filming/Swap slots TA sign up for filming TA can indicate their free slots for video recording for the presenting teams
Swap slots In the event that the TA couldn't turn up for the filming last min, they can swap their slots with other TAs
CSV file upload CSV file upload At beginning of the term, admin can upload a CSV file consist of team information to the system so that these information can be stored to database. At any point of time, admin is also able to delete a team from the system.
Manage Users Manage students This feature allows admin and course coordinator to add new student to the system or even edit information related to the student
Manage teams Admin and course coordinator can CRUD team information and CRUD students from a team
Manage TA Admin and course coordinator can add new TA or remove a TA from the system
Manage supervisor/reviewers Admin and course coordinator can CRUD a faculty and assign teams to them
Manage Admin/Course coordinator Admin can CRUD a course coordinator while course coordinator can CRUD an admin

Manage User Preferences SMS Subscription Every user can manage their user preferences. They can update their contact information (phone number) and choose whether to receive SMS notifications
Manage Reminder System Manage Reminder System Both the admin and course coordinator can change the notification settings from time to time. These notifications are in the form of emails and SMS which are sent to users. For both emails and SMS, the frequency, length and details of the email settings can be modified
Notification Systems Email Notification All users in the system will receive notifications and reminders via email/SMS for any action required. For emails, users would receive updates on the status of bookings and reminders for approval/rejection of bookings
SMS Notification Users will be able to receive SMS reminder regarding their presentation. Information such as venue, time and other details about the presentation will be included in the SMS
Export Calendar iCal An ics file will be attached to email sent to stakeholders whenever a booking is created, updated or deleted. Users can choose to save this ics file to their personal calendar to mark down the event
Report Generation Schedule export to CSV Entire term schedule and its information can be exported in excel format
User activity logging Admin will be able to generate a report which consists a log of users actions performed in the system
Presentation Subscription Presentation Subscription Users can subscribe to a team’s presentation if it is classified as a internal or public presentation.
Public page view of calendar Public page view of calendar Non-IS480 students will be allowed to view the index page of the system
Information dashboard Information dashboard A visual indication of teams' presentation booking will be available to admin and faculty so that at one glance they know which of their teams have not made a booking. Admin is also able to see TA video filming sign up rate based on the dashboard
Export schedule to Wiki Export schedule to Wiki Once a semester is over, admin and course coordinator can export the entire schedule including its information to IS480 wiki page
TA Swap slots TA swap slots TA has the flexibility to take over other TAs timeslots using the system
View availability of other faculty View availability of other faculty When supervisor goes to mark their availability, they will be able to see other supervisors/reviewers unavailable slots on the schedule as well.


User Role Access

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