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- 3rd User Testing: 18 Nov <br>
- 3rd User Testing: 18 Nov <br>
'''Click [https://wiki.smu.edu.sg/is480/IS480_Team_wiki:_2013T1_ThunderBolt_Project_Documentation_Usability_Test|here] to find out more about our User Testing'''
'''Click [https://wiki.smu.edu.sg/is480/IS480_Team_wiki:_2013T1_ThunderBolt_Project_Documentation_Usability_Test here] to find out more about our User Testing'''
==<div style="background: #d5a10d; padding: 15px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 0.3em"><font color= #FFFFFF>Reflection</font></div>==
==<div style="background: #d5a10d; padding: 15px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 0.3em"><font color= #FFFFFF>Reflection</font></div>==

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  Mid-Term Wiki   Final Wiki

Project Progress Summary

Immediate Deliverable

Click here [1] download final presentation slides

Link to deployment server: http://bit.ly/is480-ss
Link to live server :

Our Key Accomplishments

- 99% of the project completed
- Completed 12 iterations
- Conducted 3 User Tests with key users
- Live system first deployed on 26 Sept, followed by second deployment on 22 Oct and last deployment on 21 Nov

Project timeline overview

Final timeline.png.PNG

Click [2] to view our full project schedule.

Project Highlights

Video Pitch

Click here to watch the video!


Project Poster


Project Management

Project Status

We have completed all core, secondary and additional functionality of the system and its fully functional now
Click here to see more detail of our project status.

However, there are still some improvements that we would like to make after our final presentations:
- UI improvements as per our sponsors request
- Allow admin to change type of presentation
- Customize SMS to supervisors
- URL pointing to live server in emails should be configurable
- Allow the user to download an ICS file from the website

Project Schedule (Plan Vs Actual)

Click here to see plan vs actual schedule

Project Metrics

Schedule Metrics

The chart below shows the overview of schedule metrics for our entire project
Click here to understand how we derive our metrics and what are the action plans to each metric.

Schedule metric chart.PNG

Bug Metrics

Click here to find out how we calculate our bug score and what are the respective action plans for different category of score.
Click here for detailed bug log:
Figure 1 shows the distribution of bug severity
Figure 2 further elaborate figure 1 by breaking down bug severity distribution over iteration
Figure 3 shows an overall bug score for our system as of now
Overall bug severity distribution.PNGBug severity distribution over iteration.PNGBug score.PNG
Bugs logged here were discovered during internal testing which carried out at end of each iteration based on the test cases we created.Regression testing methodology was used to conduct internal testing.

Technical Complexity

Describe and list the technical complexity of your project in order of highest complexity first. For example, deploying on iPhone using Objective-C, customizing Drupal with own database, quick search for shortest flight path, database structure, etc.

Quality of product

Intermediate Deliverables

Stage Specification Links
Project Management Metrics
Requirements Change Requests Log
Analysis Use Case
Design System Architecture Diagram
Testing Internal Testing Test Plan
Internal Testing Test cases and results
User Testing 1
User Testing 2
User Testing 3


System was first deployed on 26 Sept, followed by second deployment on 22 Oct and final deployment with full functionality on 21 Nov 2013

Deployment phases.png.PNG


Internal Testing

Internal Testing was conducted at end of each iteration. Total of 12 internal testings were carried out.
Click here for internal testing test plan
Click here for internal testing test cases by iterations

User Testing

3 User Testings were conducted with key users of the system
- 1st User Testing: 2 Sep
- 2nd User Testing: 4 Oct
- 3rd User Testing: 18 Nov

Click here to find out more about our User Testing


In this section, describe what have the team learn? Be brief. Sometimes, the client writes a report to feedback on the system; this sponsor report can be included or linked from here.

Team Reflection

Any training and lesson learn? What are the take-away so far? It would be very convincing if the knowledge is share at the wiki knowledge base and linked here.