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[[Image:kp-fico_overview.png]] <br/><br/>
[[Image:kp-fico_overview.png]] <br/><br/>
==== Examples ====
==== Examples ====
[[Image:kp-fico-length_of_credit_history.png|frame|left|FICO's calculation based on Length of Credit History]]<br/><br/>
[[Image:kp-fico-no_of_credit_cards.png|frame|left|FICO Types of Credit Used]]<br/><br/>

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X-Factor Component


Credit Approval

The Credit scoring engine is a complex decision service that performs automatic credit evaluation and approval for mass consumer products such as Home Loans, Auto Loans, and Education Loans.

Credit scoring Process Flow


Credit approval process diagram


Credit Decision Engine Proof of Concept
POC for Credit Decision Engine

Market Research of Credit Engines

FICO Website: FICO Scoring Overview

FICO is a leading company in predictive analytics, specialising in scoring individual's credit-worthiness over a scale of 800 points. Our group used FICO's scoring model as our main reference when developing the rules for our Credit Engine.

Kp-fico overview.png


FICO's calculation based on Length of Credit History

FICO Types of Credit Used


Mockup of Credit Approval Form

Credit Approval Form Mockup v2.png

Teaching Tool

The teaching tool allows users to perform modeling and simulations across varying customer profiles (credit capacity) in order to optimize the the rules of the scoring engine for a particular customer profile.


Teaching tool process flow


Teaching tool Features (Input)


Teaching tool Features (Output)


Teaching Tool Mock Up

Teaching Tool Data Generation


Teaching Tool Rule Customization


Teaching Tool Summary of Results (Output)

KP-TeachingToolMockup3-1.PNG KP-TeachingTool DisplayRessult2.png