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Informal Testing Deployment Exercise UT 1 UT 2 External UT UAT Software Testing


  • The usability of the application
  • Measure the time required for each test cases
  • To see the learning curve of our application

  • Date Conducted: 25 Oct 2013


  • All users are first time users
  • 30 students from SMU
  • From various faculty ie. SIS, SOE, SOA


  • Students will be given a set of scenario to follow while conducting the test.
  • 1 team member to 1 User for Observation
  • Students are timed for each individual task
    • Starting from the point they read finish the instruction to the point they complete the task


  1. Create Customer and Update Customer Details
  2. Create and Update Deposit Account
  3. Create and Update Loan Account
  4. Deposit & Withdrawal
  5. Bill Payment
  6. Overview and create Ibanking Account
  7. Customer View (by NRIC and Customer ID)
  8. Transactions (Partial & Full Loans)
  9. View Transaction History
  10. Direct Debit Authorisation
  11. Update Customer Details


KP UT1 Image.PNG


Time Result

We have collated all the timings from our users.

KP UT1 Time Result.PNG


  • Users are confused with the date format when they attempted to key in the date instead of using the calendar
  • Users keyed in their family name together with the given name in the "Given Name" field, only to know that there is another field for Family Name.
  • User took some time to find the required fields to edit
  • Users are unsure of how to differentiate the deposit accounts they created
  • User edit the Asset Value field instead of the Loan Amount field to when making a loan
  • Users are insure if they had already completed the transaction as they are still in the same page.
  • User keyed in any value for password and only changed when they were being prompt about the error
  • Users cannot find the "create ibanking" button
  • User are confused of where to click after they have fill in the partial loan repayment form
  • After clicking on calculate, users are overwhelmed with the calculations
  • User is unclear of the filter toggles
  • User is confused with "Local number" and Cellphone"
  • Overview does not load when logged back in


Feedbacks - Quantitative

Feedbacks - Qualitative

  • What do you think about the layout and design out the application?
    • Clean cut, Simple, Neat layout, Sleek
    • Information is well organized and legible
    • Plentiful of whitespaces, can make full use of it as some (loan) pages are quite cluttered
    • It is professional looking
    • Generally okay, navigational links on left side bar quite helpful

  • What did you like about our application?
    • It's easy to navigate around the application as the process of creating accounts etc is straight to the point.
    • Fast and responsive, Simple Design, Clear sections on the left menu
    • Its great. I am not a teller, but for someone with no experience, I am able to use it easily and achieve the target quite effortlessly.
    • It is mostly choosing between 2 or 3 option, we don't have to type a lot of things
    • Simple design and convenient to use

  • What did you dislike about our application?
    • Toggle function for filter is a little confusing, would be good if it can be clearer
    • Lacks authorization
    • Can be more professional looking in terms of design
    • Font size is small, cluttered of information
    • Unclear about the log out for client

  • What are some suggestions and improvement you have for our application?
    • Creating iBank account should have a button on its own, as users won't know they have to go to Overview page first.
    • Use checkboxes to indicate filter choices for Transaction History
    • If there's a decision to standardize the outlook of the application throughout the functions, do make full use of white spaces as certain text boxes or input boxes seems rather cluttered.
    • When big numbers are displayed, should have a comma to separate 000 [eg. $150,000 instead of the current 150000]
    • Colours can be used to place emphasis on certain actions or important (frequently used actions)