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* [[Media:IS419 LAB1 Channels.docx|IS419 Lab]]
* [[Media:IS419 LAB1 Channels.docx|IS419 Lab]]
* [[Media:IS419 LAB1 Channels.docx|Observation Form]]
* [[Media:Kungfu Panda UT 2 - Empty form (Oberservation).xlsx|Observation Form]]
===Observations and Feedbacks===
===Observations and Feedbacks===

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Date Conducted: 2 Oct 2013


  • Utilize Branch Teller Application in a classroom setting as a lab exercise
  • The usability of the application


  1. Party Customer Use Case
  2. Deposit Account Use Case
  3. Loan Account Use Case


  • Lab exercise constructed by 3 FYP teams + Instructor Arul
  • Scant instructions, just enough to get them where they need to be to perform tasks without help
  • Students would role play in pairs as a branch teller and a customer


  1. Create Customer and Update Customer Details
  2. Create and Update Deposit Account
  3. Create and Update Loan Account
  4. Customer Read (by NRIC and Customer ID)
  5. Create Customer Login Details
  6. Customer Dashboard


  • 45 students from the IS419: Retail Banking class



Observations and Feedbacks